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DietSensor that Targets Diabetes and Obesity Launches in Android

DietSensor is now available for Android 5 and 6 in 19 countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and USA. The first version of Android gives free access to the Basic Plan plus SCiO for a limited period of time. When it expires, the users will be prompted to download the latest version and subscribe to the Ultimate Plan or the Premium Plan at a reduced price to be able to use SCiO. Don’t wait too long to order your SCiO, our inventory will decrease quickly.


It is to be noted that the iOS accounts cannot be opened in the Android version of DietSensor. iOS users willing to shift to Android must create another account using a different email. Both versions contain the same features. The product will be demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 at Las Vegas, Nevada. The event will be held from 5th to 8th January. Stay tuned for fresh news!

Keeping Diabetes in Control During the Holidays

The holidays are a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family.  However, these gatherings are often centered on a meal – which can make things very challenging for individuals with diabetes.  Too much worry about portion selection can induce stress and anxiety.  The American Diabetes Association (ADA) suggests to start meal planning in advance.  This way, individuals with diabetes can sample and enjoy appropriate portions of their meal without having to guess at nutritional values.

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Keeping a healthy diet to prevent and manage diabetes

What we eat affects our bodies and our health. For people with diabetes, what we eat can help us manage the condition or put us at risk for serious health issues. Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects almost 30 million adults in the United States.

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Our body and health have a close connection with what we eat. People with diabetes can manage their condition with healthy eating habits. Diet is a key factor in dealing with diabetes or other chronic diseases. However, it is sometimes very difficult to manage the macronutrients for a balanced diet. Some people tend to reduce their carbohydrate intake thinking that this could help them losing weight or fight diabetes. However, there is no conclusive evidence to prove this statement. According to various studies, people with diabetes can choose carbohydrates that are higher in fiber and eat more fresh foods rather than processed foods.

For some people, counting macronutrients imply reading the nutritional labels on packaging, estimating portions to fill a logbook. Even with a smartphone application dedicated to manual counting, this task becomes tedious with time. Balanced nutrition is difficult, yet it is the best tool for prevention and maintaining our health. With Dietsensor, a click on the sensor enables its users to know exactly whether the food meets their nutritional goals. They can also control effortlessly and precisely the composition and balance of their meals.

Healthy eating : skipping breakfast may increase the risk of stroke

Coronary heart disease and stroke risk may increase with skipping breakfast regularly. Some researchers found that those who routinely skipped on the most important meal of the day had a higher risk of heart attack and coronary heart disease.

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With a busy schedule, it is easy to skip breakfast. But, according to a recent study, taking a few minutes to eat something in the morning can really save your life. It is nothing new that breakfast provides our body and brain with the essential nutrients. Starting the day with an empty stomach is like trying to start a car without petrol. Various research have shown that those who skip breakfast have 27% higher risk of heart attack or health complications caused by heart diseases. Moreover, a lack of proper meals at breakfast may also lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Nutritionists and other health experts advise a healthy breakfast within two hours of waking. A breakfast full of junk foods defeats the purpose. You should ensure that your meal is healthy and provides reasonable amount of energy and nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Dietsensor gives accurate results with any homogeneous food, even with homemade dishes and beverages. The application and the SCiO help you to keep a healthy balance of nutrients at every meal.

Apples and Blueberries Lower Risk For Diabetes

A new study released in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that apples and pears, as well as blueberries, are fruits particularly associated with a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes. The study looked at the diets of more than 200,000 people, and was originally created to determine whether flavonoid subclasses lead to diabetes. The latter proves that blueberries, apples and pears have a correlation with a lower incidence of diabetes in more than 12,600 cases.

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While using DietSensor you will have a direct benefit on your health as it guides you throughout your daily intake. The app indicates exactly what’s in your meal in terms of nutrients, sugar and carb so that you can have a healthy nutrition lifestyle. The DietSensor app is for people who need to control their daily food intake, especially those who want to effectively tackle weight loss, get in shape or manage diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure or other chronicle diseases related to nutrition. So from such technology, you can control and lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes while enjoying a good meal.

When it comes to losing weight, can you outrun a bad diet?

Eat like our grandparents … and cut out bread for optimal weight loss, says Pat Divilly

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When it comes to lose weight, many people make the mistake of focusing on exercise, but later research has shown that exercise is not enough, and that we should cut back on calorie intake. Physics activity reduces the risk of a range of ailments such as heart disease, dementia, some cancers and Type 2 Diabetes, as well as reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Unfortunately it doesn’t promote weight loss according to the study. The findings of Prof Herman Pontzer shows  the need to focus on diet when it comes to managing weight, or preventing or reversing unhealthy weight gain. So let’s us introduce you to the DietSensor! Dietsensor is the first instant nutrition coaching app with sensors able to tell within seconds the nutritional values of a food or beverage and give immediate advice, of the quantity of what you should eat from your plate based on your goals. All this driven by evidence based medicine. It is for people who need to control their daily food intake, especially those who want to effectively tackle weight loss, get in shape or manage diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure or other chronicle diseases related to nutrition. It’s an extremely popular option for people looking to really get their arms around their portion size, daily caloric goals and intake, and start keeping an eye on the foods they eat. We have built algorithms which identifies the causes of your recurring diet setbacks, or which food you should add or cut off. DietSensor helps you recognize and understand your own habit patterns and advises you accordingly to prevent them from happening. You can pre-order today on: www.dietsensor.com/wait-list. Being able to know exactly what’s in every mouthful of food you eat is every dieter’s dream. This incredible DietSensor device is about to make that dream a reality. Be the first to get the game-changing new DietSensor App AND qualify for the Early Bird Discount on your Dietsensor subscription https://www.dietsensor.com/early-bird-subscription/

New dietary guidelines limit sugar, rethink cholesterol

The 2015 guidelines recommend a “healthy eating pattern” with limited sugar and saturated fat, less salt and more vegetables and whole grains. The guidelines are revised every five years, and the draft version of this year’s guide came in months ago at more than 500 pages. The guidance affects everything from what’s served in school and prison lunches to how food labels work. It helps dietitians guide their clients. Experts say it also puts pressure on manufacturers and restaurants about what they put in their food. At the end, “Diet is essential to health … we are really left with no solid advice for most people,” but DietSensor can fulfill those gaps left without answers.

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The US government had set up a dietary guideline of nine recommended things you should eat in order to have a proper diet. These latter will help the Americans to have a healthy eating pattern by reducing the amount of sugar and fat intakes during the day. Some nutrients are back on track like egg and protein food such as seafood, lean meat and poultry. The guidelines argued that some fat need to be present in food as it is beneficial to the body as long as it is under controlled. However, food counting is not something very easy as you can easily lost sight of the target or have inaccurate intakes at the end of the day. The first nutritional coaching app to help you better manage chronicle conditions and fitness DietSensor, makes food tracking so easy and accurate that anybody will be able to know what and how much he or she is about to eat, every day, without a huge effort. Moreover, the DietSensor app is designed so that user get a nutritional coach at the tip of his fingers throughout a well guided schema which will bring the line of conduct recommended.

DietSensor helps you Eliminate Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

Many times overeating can help bring on type 2 diabetes.

It turns out that the opposite – a strict diet – might be the answer to that progressive, debilitating disease. In a study published in the current issue of Diabetes Care, researchers say an extremely low-carrie diet can mitigate and sometimes eliminate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. 

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Diabetes is one of the leading causes of disability and death in the United States. The good news is you can do a lot to prevent or delay getting type 2 diabetes through a healthy lifestyle. The idea is simple enough — scan your food and manage your health with the DietSensor scanner app! It is the first instant nutrition coach with sensors able to tell within seconds the nutritional values of a food or beverage and give immediate advice, of the quantity of what you should eat from your plate based on your goals. With the use of the SCiO tool, spectrometry provides an accurate analysis of food or beverage. DietSensor gives accurate results with any homogeneous food, even with homemade dishes and beverages that do not have a nutritional label. It is also equipped with an innovative progression chart which provides you with comprehensive information on carbs, fat, protein, calories, and alcohol levels to provide customized nutrition goals. Some of this might seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised at the detail that can go into a healthy diet. You can pre-order today on: www.dietsensor.com/wait-list

The Number Of Adults With Diabetes Has Quadrupled To 422 Million

LONDON (Reuters) – The number of adults with diabetes has quadrupled worldwide in under four decades to 422 million, and the condition is fast becoming a major problem in poorer countries, a World Health Organization study showed on Wednesday. In one of the largest studies to date of diabetes trends, the researchers said ageing populations and rising levels of obesity across the world mean diabetes is becoming “a defining issue for global public health”.

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What’s wrong? Why do more and more people having diabetes? The number of people with diabetes is increasingly rapidly and is heading towards 500 million (statistics WHO and IDF). This is a becoming a world epidemic. Who will be the next person affected in your family? Your mother, father, your child? Or you? 

The type 2 diabetes is a long term metabolic disorder that is characterized by high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and relative lack of insulin. Patients can manage their diabetes with  medication and diet, but the disease is often life-long. At DietSensor, we aim at making your life easier while enjoying your meal without worrying about being off-track! DietSensor is the first instant nutrition coach app with sensors that automates nutrient counting and which will also helps you in your exercises. Thanks to SCiO, the first handheld spectrometer, DietSensor brings to everyone the power to use a technology that has been used for decades in the industry: spectroscopy. Equipped with sensors and the DietSensor app, the early adopters will be able to monitor the quality and quantity of their food intake. Join our wait list now to get the chance to be one of the first to know about the launching!

Mango is no longer a forbidden fruit for diabetics

In past, nutritionists have debated inclusion of mango in diet for diabetics because researches stated that carbs present in it were mostly simple sugars that got readily absorbed in bloodstream vis-a-vis complex carbohydrates. Studies also stated that 30 per cent of sugar in mango is fruit sugar fructose which is metabolized in liver and is seen to raise one’s triglyceride levels. Both these facts (now with a solution) made the mango disappear from the plate of diabetics.

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Studies suggest that the solution for mango lovers is to have a single serving of fruit of 15gm of carbohydrates for diabetes and below 25gm for pre-diabetes, which is half a small mango. Thus, the solution lies in « portion control » and not in the practice of restraining oneself from eating those yummy mangoes. 

So why portion control matters ? When you have type 2 diabetes, you need to gauge portion sizes correctly, so you know how many calories and carbohydrates you’re taking in and how they’ll affect your blood sugar. Learning what a portion size actually is – and eating that amount – is tricky. People are notoriously bad at estimating what, say, a cup of breakfast cereal looks like. Let’s make it simple ! Meet the DietSensor app, the smart food scanner which pairs via Bluetooth with the SCiO sensor, and which has a small infrared sensor on one end. DietSensor is a handheld scanner that connects to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. When you point it at the mango and click, it’s able to detect its nutritional value and send a detailed report straight to your phone via Bluetooth in seconds.

From calorie count and carbohydrate percentage to fat and protein levels, this tiny food psychic can determine the chemical makeup of both food and drink to give you a real, and often stark, insight into the grub you’re about to eat.  Isn’t it amazing ? Being able to know exactly what’s in every mouthful of food you eat is every dieter’s dream. This incredible DietSensor is about to make that dream a reality. For more news on our app, you can visit DietSensor.com