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Our Story

The story of DietSensor is the story of how Remy and Astrid Bonnasse, a French couple living in Paris, embarked on a mission to help their daughter, diagnosed aged 9 with a Type 1 diabetes, find an easy-to-use, accurate way of effectively managing her condition. It’s a story of a family making wholesale lifestyle changes, sacrificing successful executive careers, taking a leap of faith and moving to a place where the cost of living was much less, purely so that they could focus on developing technology that marries software and hardware to deliver a platform that is not only helping their daughter, but which which has the capability of improving the quality of life the hundreds of millions of people dealing with chronic conditions such as Diabetes or obesity.

In many ways, it’s been a journey into the unknown. Neither Remy or Astrid come from a technology background, they’ve never worked in app development. So the learning curve was amazingly steep. Since DietSensor was founded in 2014, the focus has been to develop the DietSensor Application for iOS and Android devices. Funding themselves in part and building a team of seed investor contacts along the way through their business and personal contacts, the DietSensor team was built, adding developers, researchers, embracing medical experts, technology and strategic marketing partners, to deliver, via smartphone, the means for users to not only track and log what they consume, but to generate accurate, granular nutritional detail around everything they eat or drink, which will be invaluable in helping them hit their nutritional goals and monitor protein, carb and lipids levels, amongst other things. Central to the work done by Remy and Astrid and their 35-person team is ease and convenience, with a focus on integrating as much data capture as possible directly into the app, doing away with time-consuming manual data entry.

Literally, this has not been done before.

And what started out as a solution for those managing chronic conditions has developed into an App with applications for anybody interested in managing their nutrition, diet, macro-nutrients in-depth.

Personalized health and nutrition management are important, and the range of technologies out there that help us in these areas can seem bewildering. At the heart of the DietSensor philosophy is an experience that is highly personal. Nobody, and no body, is the same. Each of us has individual needs when it comes to ensuring our nutrition needs are addressed in a beneficial way. DietSensor is a truly unique product that operates as a personal hub for nutrition and health management, either as a standalone App or interfacing seamlessly with a wide array of third party personal fitness devices and hardware, pooling nutritional, activity and fitness data information and building completely personalized easy to follow programs designed to ensure uses meet their daily goals.

At CES in January 2016, DietSensor received an innovation award for its technology, which syncs a DietSensor smartphone app with a SCiO® scanner, a small, handheld Bluetooth molecular sensor, developed by Consumer Physics, which uses near infrared spectroscopy to determine the chemical makeup of food and drinks. The full DietSensor ecosystem comprises the smartphone App, a proprietary cloud-based food database with more than 600,000 items, the SCiO pocket-sized scanner, and will soon include a handy-sized Bluetooth digital scale made specifically for DietSensor, which will enable accurate portion measurements to be fed directly into the App, wherever the user is.

DietSensor can also be used by anyone wanting to accurately track nutrition, fitness and so forth, and in that respect, the app itself offers a great deal of functionality in addition to simply integrating with hardware. For example, users can set up personal goals based on initial data that they input. Based on that, DietSensor will generate a personal nutrition plan broken out by meals on a daily basis. Food and drink data can also be added through barcode reading (photography) or manual override. Meals can also be simulated in advance to provide guidance on how much of a particular item can be consumed to stay on track. There’s also a personal nutrition coaching that generates a progression chart detailing carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, calories and alcohol levels, and a virtual ‘fitness coach’ function that provides personal feedback and recommendations on the quantity (and quality) of food and drink uses can consume to hit their targets.

Remy Bonnasse: “Whether users plan to use DietSensor to monitor diabetes, lose weight,  improve general fitness or are simply curious to know what exactly they are putting into their body, we expect the simple and intuitive technology to quickly become part of their daily regimen. We’re excited to bring this to market and we’re sure that users will be equally enthusiastic, especially once they start using the app with SCiO and the scale.”