This digital nutrition coaching App can guide you toward a healthier and happier life.

At the origin of DietSensor, the story of a family hit by their daughter’s disease, who’s lives changed when they discovered the power of science-backed nutrition.

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Hundreds of millions of people facing weight issues or chronic conditions have the power to change their lives at their fingertips. How about you?


Download and follow the guide


Configure and get a customized nutrition program

  • Our customized program perfectly adapts to your tastes, your health and fitness profile and your goals
  • You can eat what you like while rediscovering healthy foods
  • Everything proposed is scientifically proven

Save your health profile and your preferences

DietSensor sets your personal targets

DietSensor guides you towards choices that match

Dictate your meals

  • Simply dictate and DietSensor will quickly analyze the nutritional quality of your meals relying on its huge database of products
  • DietSensor will assess whether the meal is satisfying or whether you’ll risk getting the munchies

Dictate your meals*

Huge database of food products

Find out if you’ll still be hungry

*Available on Apple, coming soon on Android

Make the right choices at the grocery store

  • Use the handy shopping list, customized according to your preferences and allergies ( if applicable)
  • Scan your foods to have them analyzed using two scientifically-based scoring systems so that you eat less fats, salt, sugar and processed foods.
  • DietSensor will suggest healthy alternatives

Create you customized shopping lists

Use your list in the grocery store

DietSensor will suggest healthy food choices

Re-learn how to eat healthy

  • with our easy recipes*
  • with our food suggestions if you don’t have the time to cook
  • with our morning tips that will start your day right ?

Healthy and tasty recipes

Suggestions of non-processed foods

Daily tips

Track your physical activity and your hydration levels

  • Manually input your physical activity or connect with Apple Health or Google Fit
  • DietSensor will automatically update your daily caloric needs
  • Input the amount of water that you drink, and receive reminders so you stay hydrated


Apple Health / Google Fit

Monitor hydration levels

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