The ultimate nutrition tracking and coaching tool


Eat Smart, Stay Balanced

Stay on goal

Let DietSensor help guide you on how much to eat at each meal time. Set up your personalized goal for weight loss, diabetes, and fitness.

Food tracking

Track food, macro nutrients and calories with our catalog of more than 600,000 items. Use the barcode feature and even design your own gallery!


Access great new mobile coaching tools

Get a nutrient budget for each meal, translated in food and portion suggestions in real time. Get education on nutrition from  our virtual coach

Connect to your fitness apps and devices.

Import calories from excercise apps and export DietSensor nutrition data to your favor trackers. Check out the Apps and fitness trackers compatible.

Access powerful nutri-ent analysis tools

Stay ontrack by immediately understanding your patterns. Use these powerful tools to correct bad habits. Optimize your dietary choices.


Device assisted food analysis (option)

No label ? Scan any homogeneous food and drink with the SCiO scanner*. Take out the guess work of portion sizing with the DietSensor digital scale.

Digital Scale DietSensor

The DietSensor digital scale automatically connects with the DietSensor app via Bluetooth®, enabling users to accurately weigh their food portions when they count Carbs, Fat, Protein and Calories. This allows them to enjoy more accurate portion tracking, and food logging resulting in a higher success rate for achieving diabetes, weight loss and fitness goals.  Users weigh items when they serve or even when they eat, if the scale is still under the plate, meaning accurate measuring takes place real time.

Experts are saying…


“Taking back control over one’s nutrition with efficient and real time new technologies will bring an obvious benefit.”

Dr. Marc Salomon,
Specialized Physician in Cardiovascular Diseases and Preventive Medicine


“DietSensor provides a better understanding of what food and drink people with diabetes can safely consume and still maintain blood sugar levels compliant with their daily parameters.”

Karen Hehenberger,
M.D., Ph.D, Founder and CEO, Lyfebulb


Dr. Marc Solomon discusses how breakthrough DietSensor® nutrition App for Iphone® and Android® devices helps in the managing Diabetes, weight loss and improves fitness

“New Diet Sensor Digital Health App addresses three pillars for improved diabetes control and supports better cardiovascular health” > Read more
Dr. Marc Salomon, Specialized Physician in Cardiovascular Diseases and Preventive Medicine

DietSensor tutorials

We’ve put together a series of video tutorials designed to get you up and running and making the most of DietSensor’s rich features.

Meet SCiO from Consumer Physics, the spectroscopic scanner

The ability to scan homogeneous food is one of the key features of the DietSensor App.

We use the SCiO spectroscopic scanner to provide molecular data on homogenous foods, meaning you get in-depth information in terms of calories, nutrients and so on, enabling more informed nutritional decision making. Simple to use, totally portable, SCiO marries science, food technology and convenience.

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