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DietSensor’s New Premium Plan Offers Smart Food Suggestions

It is no easy task to navigate the endless directions and advice from thousands of food experts.  Nor is it easy to stick to an daily nutrition recommendation.  Did I eat the recommended 15% of the daily intake of proteins? What about 50% of carbohydrates?

At DietSensor, eating healthy is what we do. The new DietSensor solution will help you to stay balanced. Our team of doctors and nutritionists have designed a new Premium plan that will make it easy for you to achieve your goals.

Most importantly, DietSensor makes meal planning, food tracking and portion control easy, accurate and quick, by perfectly balancing each meal with the foods you like in mere seconds!

Key Benefits:

  • Count Calories and Nutrients:  The DietSensor mobile app counts calories and nutrients and lets you know how much of each you have available for your next meal.
  • Personalized for You:  Everything is personalized to your health profile and weight loss goal. The data relies on scientific evidence and avoids marketing diets that can be harmful.
  • Quick and Easy:  In less than 4 clicks, you can compose a balanced meal, guided by our Food Suggestions tool.

Nutritional recommendations are calculated for your profile in real time and translated into compatible food suggestions.  The DietSensor Food Suggestions tool makes it possible to treat yourself while meeting your goals.  Meal planning is made easy by DietSensor.

Client Testimonial:

“I always thought I could achieve weight loss just by cutting fats.  I have been proven wrong many times. Since I started to use DietSensor, I realized that I was depriving myself of important nutrients and that the number of carbs I ate for each meal was preventing me losing weight.”  – November 2016

DietSensor is an innovative nutritional tracking tool for chronic disease management, weight loss, and overall health and wellness.   The solution comes with a mobile app and personalized coaching that helps individuals better manage their nutrition by providing accurate and easily accessible nutritional support.  With the mobile app and coach, you can create a personalized nutrition plan comprised of meal plans and targeted macro nutrient intake goals.

DietSensor connects to both the SCiO food scanner and Bluetooth digital scale, both optional devices.  The smart scale weighs food portions and sends the information directly to your mobile application for accurate food tracking.   With the pocketsize SCiO scanner, you can scan your food for accurate carbohydrate, protein, and lipid amounts.

DietSensor offers three plans:  Basic (free), Premium, and Ultimate.  Please visit our website to learn more:

Let DietSensor help you eat smart, and stay balanced!  Plan, scan, measure, and eat smart!