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What Really Caused the Obesity Epidemic?

Approximately two-thirds of the developed world is overweight; in US, about 75 percent of US men and 67 percent of US women are now either overweight or obese. Most people believe losing weight follows a simple equation: eat less, move more. But this simply isn’t true. 

  • Your Body Tends to Self-Regulate Based on Available Energy. 
  • To Lose Fat You Need to Retrain Your Body to Burn Fat for Fuel. 
  • Low-Fat High-Carb Recommendations Have Been All Wrong. 
  • The number one recommendation is to EAT REAL FOOD. 
  • The second principle is to cut back on the number of times you’re eating each day. 
  • Third point, exercise will not produce significant weight loss without addressing your diet, but when done in combination it can be significantly beneficial.

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If you have enough patience to go through this article you will for sure learn a lot. At DietSensor we like its impertinence, even if some points are arguable.

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