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NASH: A silent killer disease!

When we talk about liver diseases, what immediately spring to mind are viral hepatitis, cirrhosis or even cancer. But there is another disease still largely unknown, called NASH, which has taken on frightening proportions in Western countries. DietSensor explains it all for you.

What is NASH?

Non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD) represent a spectrum of disorders ranging from simple steatosis to more severe NASH or even cirrhosis and liver cancer. But what is rather surprising is that these diseases are not linked to excessive alcohol consumption or viruses. They are only associated with diet!

Simple steatosis is characterized by an accumulation of fats in liver cells (just like duck foie gras). It is the first stage before NASH and is generally benign. However, in a subset of individuals, the liver cells develop inflammation, and that’s when we talk about non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, also known as NASH. According to experts, NASH is very closely linked to the global epidemic of obesity and diabetes, and like other chronic hepatitis, it can potentially progress to cirrhosis and even cancer!

What causes NASH?

The evolution of simple steatosis to NASH is a complex process, caused by the interaction of several genetic and environmental factors. Insulin resistance together with pro-inflammatory mediators are believed to play a major role in the pathogenesis of NAFLD. Here are the different stages in the evolution of NAFLD. Stages 1 and 2 are reversible, but stages 3 and 4 are not; and that’s when it becomes dangerous as there is no treatment to date other than a liver transplant.

A growing phenomenon…

In 2015, the number of NAFLD cases in the Unites States alone, is estimated at around 80 million, with more than 15 million NASH cases. According to senior epidemiologist Chris Estes, the number is expected to rise even more, based on his forecasting model.

Since the disease has no symptoms, there are many cases go undetected!

Here are a few helpful tips

Weight loss through a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity, remains the cornerstone of NAFLD management.

  • Avoid sugary drinks especially sodas, industrial juices (contain high fructose corn syrup), and even iced teas!
  • Choose low GI carbohydrates. Read our article Spotlight on the glycemic index: A good guide to good carbs
  • Choose your fats wisely. Reduce intake of red meat, deli meats, pastries, etc. Oily fish, however are excellent as they contain omega-3 fatty acids (which is anti-inflammatory). Look for good fats such as avocado, nuts and seeds in general (Watch out the portion as well as they are caloric).
  • Engage in a regular physical activity (at least 150 minutes per week for moderate activity)
  • See your doctor regularly (even when you’re healthy!). Check-ups are important in the prevention and early detection of diseases, especially those without symptoms.

Prevention is better than cure!

The DietSensor application is not exclusively for people with chronic illnesses. Rather it may help to prevent the onset of such diseases, for instance NASH – by accompanying you at each and every meal to make wise decisions about your food choices!

If you haven’t already downloaded the DietSensor app, we highly recommend you do it!

Manage Diabetes with DietSensor

DietSensor is the best nutritional solution to help manage diabetes.

The solution comes complete with a mobile app for nutritional planning and tracking, a pocket size scanner, and a smart scale.  With DietSensor, you can measure carbohydrate counts more accurately to better judge how much insulin to use.

  • DietSensor Mobile App:  The mobile app will assist you with nutritional planning and tracking.
  • Access to Food Database:  DietSensor has created one of the world’s largest food databases that you can access to help plan your daily meals.
  • SCiO Scanner:    The device scans your foods and drinks to give accurate fat, carbs, protein, alchohol and calorie counts, in seconds.
  • Smart Scale:  With the smart scale, you can more accurately measure portion sizes.

With DietSensor, you can make more informed nutritional choices that will help you meet daily nutritional needs and goals.

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DietSensor is an innovative nutritional tracking tool for chronic disease management, weight loss, and overall health and wellness.   The solution comes with a mobile app and personalized coaching that helps individuals better manage their nutrition by providing accurate and easily accessible nutritional support.  With the mobile app and coach, you can create a personalized nutrition plan comprised of meal plans and targeted macro nutrient intake goals.

DietSensor connects to both the SCiO food scanner and Bluetooth digital scale, both optional devices.  The smart scale weighs food portions and sends the information directly to your mobile application for accurate food tracking.   With the pocketsize SCiO scanner, you can scan your food for accurate carbohydrate, protein, and lipid amounts.

DietSensor offers three plans:  Basic (free), Premium, and Ultimate.  Please visit our website to learn more:  https://www.dietsensor.com/packages/

Let DietSensor help you eat smart, and stay balanced! 


Keeping Diabetes in Control During the Holidays

The holidays are a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family.  However, these gatherings are often centered on a meal – which can make things very challenging for individuals with diabetes.  Too much worry about portion selection can induce stress and anxiety.  The American Diabetes Association (ADA) suggests to start meal planning in advance.  This way, individuals with diabetes can sample and enjoy appropriate portions of their meal without having to guess at nutritional values.

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healthy eating

Diabetes: preventing the disease starts with healthy eating

Weight loss, diet changes and physical activity all play a role in preventing or delaying diabetes and the many complications that go along with it, including heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness and other health problems. 

Read the full article on: www.press-citizen.com

More than 86 million of Americans have prediabetes according to a recent study. Prediabetes arises when blood sugar levels exceeds the normal range but not too high to be associated with Type 2 diabetes. Despite the various researches, the exact causes of prediabetes have not yet been confirmed.  However, there are no doubts that obesity, lack of physical activity and poor diet are key factors. A balanced diet can help in weight management thus reducing the risks of prediabetes.

It is sometimes very difficult to have a balanced diet. Failing to do so can lead to frustration. DietSensor can help those struggling to keep healthy eating habits. The application gives accurate results with any homogeneous food, even with homemade dishes and beverages. By scanning your food, Dietsensor helps you in managing your macro nutrients and calories intake. The nutrition coaching app can be used in combination with the SCiO scanner for a higher level of accuracy. Be the first to get the game-changing new app and qualify for the Early Bird discount on your DietSensor subscription. Sign up now!

Childhood Obesity Rates Are Still Rising

The upward trend in obesity among children continues unabated, say researchers. Recent reports have hinted that childhood obesity is beginning to improve in some U.S cities, at least for the youngest kids who are preschool age. But for the entire population of children ages two to 19 years, the prevalence of overweight and obesity continue to climb, as they have been since 1999.

Read the full article at: time.com

Environmental factors, lifestyle preferences, and cultural environment play pivotal roles in the rising prevalence of obesity worldwide. In general, overweight and obesity are assumed to be the results of an increase in caloric and fat intake. A number of potential effective plans can be implemented to target built environment, physical activity, and diet. These strategies can be initiated at home and in preschool institutions, schools or after-school care services as natural setting for influencing the diet and physical activity and at home and work for adults. Meet the DietSensor app! It has been specially designed for people who need to control their daily food intake, especially those who want to effectively tackle obesity, get in shape or manage diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure or other chronicle diseases related to nutrition. It is a User-Friendly app, taking you 10 times fewer clicks to log a food than with other manual input methods. DietSensor’s innovative progression chart gives you comprehensive information on carbs, fat protein, calories, and alcohol levels to provide customized nutrition goals. Stay on target by getting tailored-to-YOU feedback on the quantity and quality of the food you should or should not eat and also helps you recognize and understand your own habit patterns and advises you accordingly to prevent them from happening.

40% of U.S. Women Are Now Obese

Rates of obesity in the United States are high, and among women they are increasing. The number of Americans who are overweight or obese continues to reach shocking highs, with some estimates that more than two-thirds of American adults are now overweight or obese. Now, a new study reveals that while obesity rates in men have plateaued, rates have continued to rise among women.

Read the full article at: time.com

For nearly three decades, American men and women have been mostly growing fatter together. But in recent years, for reasons researchers still don’t understand, women have broken away – with more of them becoming fatter faster. According to the journal TIME, the number of adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher, which is considered high-risk obesity, was 7.7%. For men specifically it was 5.5% and for women it was 9.9%. BMI is not a perfect measure of health and is based on a person’s weight and height ratio rather than their actual amount of body fat. It is highly time for an entirely different approach, one that emphasizes the association with the food and and the person to ensure that the correct amount of nutrients are being taken. Mostly of the Americans say that they are tracking their diet, of which 40 million people are using manual diet and nutrition apps. By facilitating food intake tracking through automation, DietSensor marks the beginning of the next generation of technological nutritional tools to empower and coach its user to regain control of their daily food intake. We all know that balanced nutrition becomes tedious with time, yet is the best tool for prevention. DietSensor uses technology to emphasize the adoption of a healthy eating pattern that fits into a person’s lifestyle, rather than recommending specific amounts of different foods, such as vegetables or meats. These patterns can be tailored to an individual’s personal preferences, enabling Americans to choose the diet that is right for them. There’s also the Smart Diet Scale, which allows you to know the precise weight of the food being consumed. The groundbreaking of the Diet Scale is simple, fast and effective. For more info visit DietSensor.com

Dieting, exercise or combination of both equally effective in improving cardiovascular health

Which works better to improve the cardiovascular health of those who are overweight – dieting, exercise or a combination of both? A Saint Louis University study finds it doesn’t matter which strategy you choose – it’s the resulting weight loss that is the protective secret sauce.

Read the full article at: www.news-medical.net

Another strategy which can be used in order to fight against a bad dieting is the DietSensor technology. The app and the scan helps you to fix all unhealthy habit by having a nutritional coach within your smartphones. The guidelines of the app will help you better manage chronicle conditions and fitness. DietSensor makes food tracking so easy and accurate that anybody will be able to know what and how much he or she is about to eat, every day, without a huge effort. These information will be based on his health profile and DietSensor, with doctors and registered nutritionists, establishes advices driven by evidence based medicine.

Dietsensor marks the beginning of the next generation of nutrition tracking tools. It is a User-Friendly app, taking you 10 times fewer clicks to log a food than with other manual input methods.

You can pre-order dietsensor and the SciO scanner today and pay on delivery, in September 2016. https://www.dietsensor.com/wait-list/

Heart Disease Infographic

Those who consume alcohol moderately (approximately 1 drink daily or less) are 14-25% more unlikely to develop heart disease

Read the full article at: www.ahealthblog.com

The study results indicate that starting a high fiber diet can help to improve long-term heart disease risk.

It’s always been known that high fiber diets can help with losing weight, lowering cholesterol and improving blood pressure. Weight, cholesterol and blood pressure are major determinants of long-term cardiovascular disease risk.

The recommendation from the American Heart Association for high fiber diets is 25 grams of dietary fiber or more per day. This daily fiber intake should come primarily from whole foods, and not processed fiber bars, drinks and supplements. Processed foods might be high in fiber, but they are also usually quite high in sodium and calories. Fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. Getting enough fiber starts with knowing how much you need. Find out how much fiber you need each day and track how your food choices contribute to your daily fiber intake with the DietSensor app! By downloading the mobile app you can: -Track your daily fiber intake – Select foods to plan daily meals -Learn about fiber serving sizes – The DietSensor’s app is an extremely popular option for people looking to really get their arms around their portion size, daily caloric goals and intake, and start keeping an eye on the foods they eat.

You can pre-order dietsensor and the SciO scanner today and pay on delivery, in September 2016. https://www.dietsensor.com/wait-list/

New DietSensor™ App Declares War on Diabetes and Obesity



 New DietSensor™ App Declares War on Diabetes and Obesity

Company Ramps Up Opening Offices in Los Angeles and New York to Support Innovative New Food Application Set to Launch in the Summer

 LOS ANGELES, Calif., July 6, 2016 — DietSensor™ the CES award-winning innovator of food and nutritional applications that fight diabetes and obesity today announced the opening of its first U.S. offices in Los Angeles and New York. These new centers will support the launch of DietSensor™’s breakthrough new food application designed to support the more than 380 million people who suffer from diabetes and the more than 1.4 billion people who battle each day with obesity.

The new offices will immediately provide customer and application support as well as training, logistics and distribution of the new DietSensor™ product around the world. The DietSensor™ solution includes a unique new food and nutritional app, a pocket size SCiO® spectrometer and fully connected digital scale from Tefal. The app will be launched in September although priority reservations will be available on a limited basis in August. DietSensor won the Best of Innovation Award at CES 2016 for Apps and Software.

“This marks a major milestone for our company and it is a very exciting time for DietSensor™ and its entire global team,” stated Remy and Astrid Bonnasse, DietSensorTM co-founders. “ There are more than 380 million people around the world who live with the diabetes on a daily basis, including ourselves. The new DietSensor™ app is a technology-based solution that brings useful information and advice to those of us who must manage this condition each day. For them, it is critical to balance their diet very carefully and in this respect DietSensor ™ is empowering,”

DietSensor™ is unlike any other nutritional application. It enables people to quickly scan and analyze their food. With the tracking app, and the pocketsize SCiO® spectrometer – food tracking, and counting becomes easy and instantaneous.

How it works

The DietSensor™ solution includes the breakthrough new DietSensor™ app, a proprietary DietSensor™ online spectrometric database, the SCiO® pocket-sized spectrometer operated by Consumer Physics and an innovative new digital scale from TeFal. The DietSensor™ app runs on iOS and Android devices and is connected to the spectrometer and the scale via Bluetooth. The food is served on the scale and scanned with the spectrometer, the data from which is then analyzed by the cloud based DietSensor™ database that then quickly and accurately obtains and displays the nutritional value of the scanned food – all in a few seconds


The DietSensor™ solution is available for priority reservation August and begins shipping in September to the USA, France, Canada, Great Britain and 15 other countries. To reserve your DietSensor, visit www.dietsensor.com or e-mail sales@dietsensor.com

Benefits of DietSensor

DietSensor™ includes the DietSensor app and accompanying pocket size Scio™ spectrometer to quickly and accurately scans and analyzes your food.

  • The DietSensor™ app reads your results and instantly tells you what’s in your food or beverage.
  • The app keeps you balanced with accurate results from any food, including those that don’t have a label.
  • Access to the world’s largest food database with more than 600,000 items from over 50 countries in 19 languages.
  • World leading nutrition coaching featuring a new progression chart that details information on carbs, fat protein, calories, and alcohol levels.
  • Personal fitness coach with personal feedback on the quantity and quality of your food to help keep you on track.

 About the Company

Headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in Los Angeles, California, and New York, New York, DietSensor™ is an award-winning technology innovator food and nutritional applications. DietSensor’s™ core goal is to stem the growth of diabetes and obesity by providing people and businesses with access to real-time, real world applications that can better manage their condition. To get on our August 1 priority reservation list please visit www.dietsensor.com or to learn more e-mail info@dietsesnor.com.

NOTE: DietSensor™ is a trademark or registered trademark of DietSensor, Inc. in the United States and in 39 other countries. The SCiO® platform is a registered trademark of Consumer Physics, Inc. Other product and or service names mentioned herein may be trademarks of the companies with which they are associated.

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‘Eat fat to get thin’: Official diet advice is ‘disastrous’ for obesity fight, new report warns

Thirty years of official health advice urging people to adopt low-fat diets and to lower their cholesterol is having “disastrous health consequences,” a leading obesity charity warned yesterday.

Read the full article at: www.telegraph.co.uk

According to the report, the low-fat and low-cholesterol message, which has been official policy in the UK since 1983, was based on “flawed science” and had resulted in an increased consumption of junk food and carbohydrates. « Promoting low-fat foods is perhaps the biggest mistake in modern medical history » said Dr Assem Malhora, consultant cardiologist. The authors call for a return to « whole foods » such as meat, fish and dairy, as well as high-fat healthy foods like avocados. Despite the best efforts of government and scientists, current efforts have failed and the proof being that obesity levels are higher than they ever been, and show no chance of getting better. The increase in meal frequency plays an equal if not larger role in obesity and has largely been ignored. That’s why DietSensor is here to help you! At DietSensor, we want you to fight your fear with knowledge and have made it so easy for you so that you may have a better standard of living. DietSensor, pioneer in automatic nutrient tracking – DietSensor brings a new level of simplicity and accuracy to diet trackers for people overweight or with food-related chronicle diseases. It analyses the food with a click of a button using a micro scale and SCiO, the first molecular sensor that fits in a hand. However, nutrients counting in each type of food can be seen as an endless task where it can be inexact and downright tedious. To overcome such frustrating situations, DietSensor makes counting an easy process with the exact proportions of daily intake and at the same time an effective way to control obesity.