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The best way to a healthy diet? Eat 3 balanced meals, don’t cut any food group

Adding ‘exercise’ labels on packaging won’t solve the obesity problem. Instead, stick to a simple message: eat three balanced meals a day

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The idea to label food packaging with the nutrients present in the food and the “activity equivalent” will help in the fight for a better lifestyle and the reduction of obesity. On the same line, the DietSensor app will determine how such food will impact on your dietary pattern and will guide you so that you can have a proper and balance diet through a simple scan of your food or the packaging. The struggle of counting food with hard to understand labels will no be longer a problem as DietSensor helps you to understand your daily intake. DietSensor is well aligned with this idea that with the different food groups, a balanced plate, three meals a day, and plentiful enjoyable exercise, you are on the right track.

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