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Carb Counting Methods Explained

There are only 2 different carb counting methods and they are much simpler to use than you think. Let’s go over them together here and clear up any confusion.

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This article wisely recommends eating a whole foods anti-inflammatory diet that is lower in carbohydrates.As they say, one key point to mention is that following this style of diet means that most of the foods you eat WILL NOT COME IN A PACKET! This means the majority of the foods you eat will not have a food label. Broccoli, carrots and kale don’t need a food label. That’s where DietSensor can help a little. If you want to learn carb % by scanning your food or if you already know them approximately but want to gain accuracy, DietSensor will provide numbers with a mere click of a button.

Diabetes Meal Planning: Advanced Carb Counting – is it for all?

If you’re currently using carb counting as a meal-planning method, you’ve probably learned that a little bit of skill is involved. In theory, it seems easy. In reality, it can be tricky. Nevertheless, with practice and perseverance, carb counting is a meal-planning approach that works well.

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With DietSensor, advanced carb counting will be made available for each Type 1 or Type 2 with fast-acting insulin and ready to learn. You need to talk with your dietitian or doctor before, but if you go for it, this form of meal planning offers flexibility and freedom from restrictions. Automatic counting will lessen the amount of effort needed to master it but remember, you are the one in the driver’s seat and you can’t rely on the machine only.