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Starch and Root Vegetables and Diabetes

There are a whole range of root vegetables and most of them are also starches  – a type of carbohydrate. Basically, some plants store glucose as starch – giant chains of sugars.

So when it comes to root vegetables and starches, are they safe for type 2 diabetics to eat or not?

Even if there isn’t a great deal of evidence to show benefits of root veggies for type 2 diabete, having a wider variety of foods keeps things interesting and it also provides a wider range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the body. 

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As this article sums well: the thing that influences blood sugar and A1C the most is the total carbohydrates consumed. 


The bad news is that cooked root and starchy vegetables don’t come with a label and you need to look for nutrition facts on the web or in diet apps, but these facts ignore the butter, oil or water that were incorporated.


The good news is that DietSensor will be able to read the cells of such cooked foods. As long as it remains homogeneous, any fat or water incorporated will be seen by the sensor and the resulting nutrition facts will be added to your meal with a mere click of a button.

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