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DietSensor Nutrition Coaching – Support For Diabetes

Are you looking for a diabetes diet plan to help you manage your sugar level and avoid diabetes complications?  DietSensor is the solution that you have been looking for.  The DietSensor Nutrition Coach can help to keep your blood glucose at the recommended level.

How does it work?

The DietSensor Nutrition Coach will take you on a 12-part journey and will help to establish a diet for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The Ground Rules

Each part of the program consists of seven days worth of advice, presented each time you log a meal.

Missed a few days?  Don’t worry, the program will extend for as many days that you miss. Every time you log a meal, your coach will give you some reading to do on a particular topic, tailoring it to your profile and possibly to the meal you just ate.  It’s as if a nutritionist was standing right by your side.

Click “Got it” to no longer see the message and move on to the next one after your next meal.  You will receive tons of advice that you can put into practice.  Everything has been validated by our experts and backed by recognized medical sources.

Topics Covered in Your Journey

Over the course of 12 parts, you will go through the following steps:

Part 1:  The coach gives you some basic information about diabetes, sets your goals, observes your eating habits, and teaches you the basics of nutrition.
Part 2:  After a quick review, you’ll focus on the different kinds of carbohydrates as well as on treatments and how they are connected.
Part 3:  More focus on carbohydrates, fibers, and concepts like the glycemic index.
Part 4:  A closer look at essential carbohydrates, diabetes management and fats to better control your weight.
Part 5:  The importance of portions.
Part 6:  Meals and their varying composition.
Part 7:  Physical activity and energy expenditure.
Part 8:  Proteins, salt, antioxidants.
Part 9:  Hydration and drinks.
Part 10:  How to better manage your nutritional intakes.
Part 11:  After observing you over time, your coach will have increasingly more advanced pieces of advice on how to change your eating habits long-term.
Part 12:  Review time, and your coach will help you maintain these lasting changes.

Enjoy your journey with the DietSensor nutrition coach!

DietSensor is an innovative nutritional tracking tool for chronic disease management, weight loss, and overall health and wellness.   The solution comes with a mobile app and personalized coaching that helps individuals better manage their nutrition by providing accurate and easily accessible nutritional support.  With the mobile app and coach, you can create a personalized nutrition plan comprised of meal plans and targeted macro nutrient intake goals.

DietSensor connects to both the SCiO food scanner and Bluetooth digital scale, both optional devices.  The smart scale weighs food portions and sends the information directly to your mobile application for accurate food tracking.   With the pocketsize SCiO scanner, you can scan your food for accurate carbohydrate, protein, and lipid amounts.

DietSensor offers three plans:  Basic (free), Premium, and Ultimate.  Please visit our website to learn more:

Let DietSensor help you eat smart, and stay balanced!  

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