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Americans eat way too much sugar — here’s where it comes from

The new dietary guidelines allow even less sugar than you think.

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The guidelines, which the Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture release every five years, put an emphasis on healthy food “patterns” that include nutritious options and state that no more than 10% of the calories in one’s diet should come from added sugar. According to Despina Hyde, a registered dietitian and diabetes educator in weight management center at New York University, the label on your yogurt has upwards 25 grams of sugar, just at breakfast you’re getting half of your daily sugar allotment. Consuming large amounts of sugar has been linked to diseases suck as Type II diabetes and obesity, not only because of the calories in sugar, but also because one would have to also eat other foods in order to have adequate nutrients. Diet sensor is the first instant nutrition coaching app for diabetics, with sensors able to tell within seconds the nutritional values of a food or beverage and give immediate advice, of the quantity of what you should eat from your plate based on your goals. For those times when you need to log non-homogeneous foods, you’ll have access to our extensive, ever-expanding food database with over 600,000 food items from 19 countries (in 12 languages!) with ultrafast bar-code scanning. The SCiO bluetooth connected molecular sensor is a pocket-sized device that, using near infrared spectroscopy, allows DietSensor to determine the chemical makeup of food and drink . DietSensor builds spectrometric models that translate the resulted information into something really useful – a calorie count and the percentage of carbohydrates, fat, protein and alcohol contained in your food. This is all quickly sent and clearly displayed on the DietSensor app on your smartphone. You can pre-order today on: