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What Parents Should Know About Type 1 Diabetes

A diagnosis of type 1 diabetes is life-changing for a child and his or her parents. “That means that affected children and their parents must be vigilant about monitoring their condition–and because there is no cure, this type of maintenance will last a lifetime,” says Maureen Villasenor, MD, a board-certified pediatrician at St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group. « Healthy diet and exercise, blood sugar monitoring and insulin treatments are all part of that. »

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Proper management of type 1 diabetes not just helps a child with day-to-day living, but it’s also crucial for ensuring her long-term health.The complications of poorly managed type 1 diabetes are wide-ranging and can include blood vessel, nerve and kidney damage, skin conditions and osteoporosis. For many people with chronicle diseases, strict nutritional management is a burdensome part of everyday life. DietSensor helps you adjust insulin for changing amounts of carbs, helping you to decide how much rapid- or  short – acting insulin (meal insulin) you child needs to cover a certain amount of carbs. The device also helps you to adapt the level of insulin thus allowing your kid to accept the disease and not to force him follow a strict diet. With DietSensor, a click of the sensor before eating, will let you know exactly if the food meets the set nutritional goals. However don’t let the tool guide all your actions ! A simple mistake while using it won’t allow it to do it’s work efficiently. So use it but have the judge well too !

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