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You could be eating these foods without knowing how harmful they are!

Heart disease is very important as it is the leading cause of death among American: on average, one person dies every 39 seconds, according to recently published data from the American Heart Association.  Discover the foods that you should avoid but also those that are good for you too!

With advertising nowadays, we tend to believe that “sugar-free”, “organic” or even “all natural” foods, can only be good for your health. But, a lot of health foods are not that healthy at all!

DietSensor as a tool to track your nutrition and help you to avoid health problems…

DietSensor is an innovative nutritional tracking tool for chronic disease management, weight loss, and overall health and wellness.   The solution comes with a mobile app and personalized coaching that helps individuals better manage their nutrition by providing accurate and easily accessible nutritional support.  With the mobile app and coach, you can create a personalized nutrition plan comprised of meal plans and targeted macro nutrient intake goals.

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