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The DietSensor’s App Keeps You From Cheating On Your Diet

The DietSensor app and Scio scanner can analyze the foods you’re eating, and if they’re healthy for you.

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Calorie tracking apps seem like a good idea in theory, until you get to know just how prone they are to human error. After all, how are you supposed to know how many cups of pasta you have on your plate, or how many cashews are in an ounce ?

While some dietitians have begun asking their clients to send them pictures of their aliments to provide a more accurate picture of how much they’re eating (and how it converts into nutrients), now, there’s a better and easier way. Meet the DietSensor’s app, it pairs via Bluetooth with the Scio sensor, which has a small infrared sensor on one end. When placed against your food, it analyzes the signal reflected by the food, and then compares it to DietSensor’s database to determine what’s on your plate. DietSensor will also release a pocket-size scale with a partner, so that you can know the weigh of your food while you serve or while you eat, on the go too. Within the app, it shows how much carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are in what you’ve scanned and weighted, and counts it against your recommended daily intake. As both the app and the database are still in final production — they won’t be available until september-2016 — the beta test is all set for July and all pre-orders can be taken from our website. DietSensor is still tweaking its algorithm to be able to have a large variety of homogeneous food you may wish to eat.



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