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DietSensor food-scanning app wins CES 2016 Innovation Award Honors

Ever look at a plate placed in front of you and think, “How many calories is that?” DietSensor can tell you. This app tells people what they need to know in the absence of a nutritional label, and is perfect for people that have to monitor their diet. The DietSensor app was chosen as Best of CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Software and Mobile Apps category. 

DietSensor is aimed at people with conditions that require them to keep a close eye on their diet. SCiO with DietSensor can be especially helpful to diabetics, or people with cardiovascular disease. Of course, those struggling to lose weight and athletes trying to hit the pinnacle of physical fitness can make good use of DietSensor.

Read the full article at: www.digitaltrends.com

Thank you Aliya from Digital Trends for this article. Indeed the DietSensor app will launch next year, probably around the summer. One thing though to make it cristal clear, the DietSensor with SCiO is set at $378.99 (Package Including 1 year DietSensor Ultimate license). The DietSensor app is free if used without scan (with the 600 000 items declarative database). To use it with SCiO and access the algorithm DietSensor database, you will need to pay for a monthly Premium pack (the price is not set yet). You will be able to stop the Premium pack anytime and restart it later if you want.

One last thing, if you have purchased your SCiO by another channel instead of dietsensor.com, it will work with DietSensor Premium Pack also. No worry.