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Diabetic and Pasta Options: find alternatives

As a diabetic it’s best to stick to low carb options if you want to lower blood sugar. What are the pasta options? Let’s take a look and share some recipes too.

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Carb counting is far from obvious. When it comes to portion sizing, DietSensor is the only solution that takes the guesswork out of it. Why learn carb% accurately or read labels when the result is 50% inaccurate due to a 50% error in the portion estimation.

DietSensor is able to connect with a food scale using Bluetooth open technology. It already connects with the only scale of that kind on the market – the Nutriscale from Reflex Wireless. Although DietSensor works perfectly fine without the use of a scale, it is our goal to make our Scan & Weigh logging experience available anywhere, even at restaurants. We are currently working on this feature, so please stay tuned for more information at www.dietsensor.com.