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OSA Honors Consumer Physics’ SCiO, World’s First Molecular Sensor that Fits in the Palm of Your Hand, with Enabled by Optics Award

With a miniaturized scanning sensor technology, Israel-based Consumer Physics earned this year’s top corporate honor in The Optical Society’s (OSA) Enabled by Optics Contest. This contest raises public awareness of the importance of optics and photonics technologies in furthering innovation and positively impacting society. It offers both a corporate and student competition, bringing pioneering optical technologies to light.

Read the full article at: www.businesswire.com

Diet sensor is in partnership with ConsumerPhysics, creators of the first, pocket, wifi-connected molecular sensor : SCiO.

SCiO uses the latest technology, something called near infrared spectroscopy to determine the chemical composition of food and drink. Each type of molecule in a food vibrates in its own way, and these vibrations by the latter, interact with light to create a unique, optical signature. In short, spectrometers analyze the composition in a substance and the molecule interaction with light. This method is commonly used in labs throughout the world, but with very large, expensive spectrometers despite the high cost involved. Throughout various research we are now able to present to you the first molecular sensor, fitting your hand and your pocket !

Video: https://youtu.be/3OCAXcxK3Qs