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Beat Diabetes: 4 Ways to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Preventative medicine is rapidly becoming the focus of many doctors who would prefer to help their patients prevent rather than treat a disease like diabetes. Ninety percent of diabetes diagnoses are Type 2, which is the most common and preventable version of this disease. Twenty-nine million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year. Dr. Hall believes that this disease can be reversed and many of her patients have not only reported significantly lowered A1c levels (the 3-month average of blood glucose levels), but their physicians have taken them off a majority of their medications, which may include oral medications and regular insulin injections. Proving that prevention works. Let’s see the importance of diabetes diet.

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Dealing with Type 2 diabetes is very difficult, as one’s should always know how many carbs diabetes diet a day. Furthermore, preventing such disease can be extremely difficult as we do not have the exact figure or we tend to eat mindlessly. In such situation, DietSensor encourages your fight against diseases linked to nutrition by indicating clearly the amount of Carbs presents in your meal, gives advices about nutrition and guide you to have a healthy lifestyle. Fighting diabetes with diet is made easy.  The DietSensor app is for people who need to control their daily food intake, especially those who want to effectively tackle weight loss, to reverse diabetes with diet and exercise, cholesterol, blood pressure or other chronicle diseases related to nutrition.

20-Year Study Shows Staying Fit Keeps Diabetes Risk Low

Exercise is often recommended to diabetes patients looking to improve their blood sugar, insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Some doctors even call it a prescription for diabetes management. Although experts have agreed that physical activity is beneficial for controlling diabetes, research has not been so definitive when it came to preventing the condition. Until now.

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Exercise, especially high-intensity interval training, can help ward off the development of both diabetes and pre-diabetes. According to the study, not only did the high-intensity workout the cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and weight of Type 2 diabetes patients, it also improved their cardiovascular health. The next important thing is our diet. DietSensor, the scanner-and-app combo, introduced at CES 2016, aims to make healthy eating easier. Once you’ve scanned your food, the SCiO scanner will transmit the dietary information to the app via bluetooth. Your screen will then show the food’s breakdown and the app will add this to your specialized diet tracker, offering advice to ensure you stay healthy and don’t exceed any set limits. It’s ideal for anyone who needs really in-depth information about whatever they put into their bodies, whether their motivations are purely ‘I need help sticking to this diet’ or ‘this will genuinely save me the time and effort I spend weighing and checking to make sure I stay healthy.’ Whether you’re trying to lose weight or put on muscle, the app helps determine the best things to eat to meet your goals. The DietSensor scanner is available to pre-order and you can pay on delivery! For more updates on the DietSensor, join our list dietsensor.com/wait-list/.