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Dieting, exercise or combination of both equally effective in improving cardiovascular health

Which works better to improve the cardiovascular health of those who are overweight – dieting, exercise or a combination of both? A Saint Louis University study finds it doesn’t matter which strategy you choose – it’s the resulting weight loss that is the protective secret sauce.

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Another strategy which can be used in order to fight against a bad dieting is the DietSensor technology. The app and the scan helps you to fix all unhealthy habit by having a nutritional coach within your smartphones. The guidelines of the app will help you better manage chronicle conditions and fitness. DietSensor makes food tracking so easy and accurate that anybody will be able to know what and how much he or she is about to eat, every day, without a huge effort. These information will be based on his health profile and DietSensor, with doctors and registered nutritionists, establishes advices driven by evidence based medicine.

Dietsensor marks the beginning of the next generation of nutrition tracking tools. It is a User-Friendly app, taking you 10 times fewer clicks to log a food than with other manual input methods.

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The Top 8 Dieting Myths (Infographic)

If you’re ready to jump off the not-so-fun merry-go-round of conventional but ineffective dieting, you might be relieved to learn that weight loss isn’t impossible. It’s simply unlikely when you follow the loudly touted dieting myths that lead so many astray. Here are the top eight that you need to dismiss from your weight loss strategy.


Read this short infographic.

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With DietSensor, you can adapt the settings to meet your prefered diet’s profile. But if you follow the DietSensor’s customized diet settings tailored to your health profile, you will follow a balanced diet, which is the only one promoted by official health recommandation worldwide. This balanced diet dismisses these 8 myths and many others.