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State & Impact of Digital Health Tools Report: 14 Trends to Know

14 key trends from HealthMine’s recent digital health report that examines how consumers are using digital health tools and how it impacts their lives. 


Read the full article at: hitconsultant.net

Here are the main trends to know from the report : 

  • The most popular digital health tools today are fitness and exercise apps (50%). Disease management, smoking cessation and telemedicine have the lowest adoption of all digital health tools.
  • Digital health users are engaged with their digital health tools. Fifty-nine percent (59%) use their digital health devices/apps at least once per day, and 89% say their digital health tools are easy to use. What’s more, 83% say it is easy to understand the data/ measurements from their digital health devices/apps.
  • 76% who use digital health tools say they improve health, and 57% say digital health tools lower their healthcare costs.
  • 88% of digital health users are planning to use more apps/devices in the near future, with stress apps and smart scales in the highest demand


On the same basis, meet the DietSensor app — a real-time food scanners! DietSensor is in partnership with ConsumerPhysics, creators of the first, pocket, bluetooth-connected molecular sensor : SCiO. Instead of attempting to guess the nutritional value of your food, the DietSensor App  (available in September 2016) uses near-infrared spectroscopy to determine the chemical makeup of food and drink. After a scan of about 10 seconds, a nutritional breakdown will appear on the app. DietSensor, and from there, you can determine how what you’re about to eat may fit into a predetermined diet or wellness plan. A Smart Diet Scale will also be available this year, and the pocket size scale should come in 2017. For more info visit DietSensor.com or join our list dietsensor.com/wait-list/


Video: https://youtu.be/3OCAXcxK3Qs