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NHS England » Prevention is key to the fight against heart disease – Dr Matt Kearney

The newly appointed National Clinical Director for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention looks at the challenges ahead: There is now growing acceptance across the NHS that we have to get serious about prevention. Much of this, of course, is driven by the epidemic of obesity, poor diet, inactivity and other risk factors that come with the 21st century lifestyle. It is estimated that around two thirds of premature deaths – that is deaths before the age of 75 – could be prevented by tackling the major risk factors. And one in four premature deaths is caused by cardiovascular disease (CVD), especially heart attacks and strokes.

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The newly appointed National Clinical Director Cardiovascular Disease Prevention is looking at the different challenges link to healthcare in the United States, especially those related to the hearts attacks and stroke. According to him, the 21st century lifestyle increases the number of premature death due to high consumption of salt and sugar, smoking habits and lack of physical activities. In such particular situation, DietSensor can helps in the primary care and the control of personal healthcare. This would aid on the prevention of CVD and make people change their lifestyle in food consumption thus reducing the large number of people with atrial fibrillation and type 2 diabetes.

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