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Myth Busting

Every magazine, twitter post, newspaper, online article, personal trainer, and even gym buddy will have the latest nutrition or dieting tip for you. But unfortunately these fad ideas will not bring you the results you want and can even be harmful.

Find 12 Myths about nutrition in this article that are worth to know!

Make sure you get your nutritional advice from a reliable source; a Registered Sport & Exercise Nutritionist.

Read the full article at:

Disclaimer: we have no link of any kind with this website but we are happy to post this link because we find the Myth Busting page very interesting. A lot of diet tips out there are not based on any reliable medical study. It is good to know and remember these 12 Myths.

At DietSensor, we work with registered nutritionists and doctors and we share this “Myth Busting” vision.


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