Early-Bird Subscription

Introducing the new DietSensor app for iOS and Google devices.

Stay in control. Stay balanced. Scan your food and manage your health in seconds. Why?

  • NUMBERS COUNT! Whether managing your diabetes, improving your fitness or losing weight, DietSensor keeps you in control, balanced, on track and fully connected.
  • Experience DietSensor – the world’s best nutritional app and pocket size scanner that scans your food and drinks, tells you the fat, carbs, protein, alcohol and calories in seconds.
  • Access one of the world’s largest food databases.
  • Make informed nutritional choices that help you manage your numbers. Scan your food, and manage your health.

Available in October 2016. Be the first to get the game-changing new DietSensor app AND qualify for the Early Bird discount on your DietSensor subscription. Sign up now!

    (*) Early bird price before tax per month if purchased for 1 year commitment (-20% off the regular price).