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DietSensor User Illustrative Scenario: Dieting and Weight Loss

In this illustrative scenario, we explore how the DietSensor App enables users, in this case Molly, who are dieting or seeking to lose weight effectively analyze what they eat and keep a track of their diet.

Molly is your typical dieter. Like many of us, she has the best of intentions, tries to eat healthily, but sometimes falls off the wagon. That cheesecake after dinner can just be oh so tempting! Molly tries to work out but faces a constant battle to shed weight. Sometimes life just gets in the way, you know how it is. The problem is that Molly doesn’t really know what’s in the food that she eats, other than reading the label of ingredients and nutritional data. Besides being time-consuming, how does that information translate for her personally? It can be hard to accurately track and plan. Molly has tried many Apps and many different diets, but sometimes lacks the discipline to keep up, and personal trainers are expensive!

Molly recently started using DietSensor App on her iPhone. What was obvious to her right from the get go was that the App is full of really useful features and easy to use. It’s educational as it is, firstly, a nutrition coach in her pocket. It not only helps Molly track what she eats, but it teaches her how to eat balanced meals with its 12-week coaching program. It shows her not only the calories but the value of macro-nutrients (fats, proteins, carbs) of all her food and drink. It allows her to compare her nutrient intake throughout of the day to the intake goal for that specific time. To do that, it pulls the most up to date nutritional data from the integrated database or by scanning the product barcode. This data is interpreted for Molly and then logged automatically against her personalized goals. Easy.

Besides the food catalog and barcode scanning feature, the most fascinating option for Molly is that she can gather data using an add-on handheld device called the SCiO® scanner, which is a small device that provides nutritional data by scanning the cells of ‘homogenous’ foods and drinks, which often don’t come with a nutritional label, especially when homemade. The scanner generates chemical and nutritional data, which is fed directly into App and translated into meaningful information. Molly also purchased Dietsensor’s Bluetooth digital scale, which also connects to the App and allows her to weigh the food she eats at home, giving her greater portion control in terms of importing data directly and making calculating the exact number of nutrients she eats to stay on track for the day really easy and convenient.

Using DietSensor, Molly is able to keep track of what she is eating against her calorie budget per day, but more importantly, DietSensor can break that data out by carbs, fats and proteins AND by each meal. With the App’s food suggestions feature, Molly has an idea of what to eat and when, which allows her to keep track of her weight loss program. She can see recommendations regarding portion size based on historical data of the day and the goals that she set herself initially by nutrient and by meal, which helps her decide how much food I need to eat to help me to achieve weight loss. Of course it still requires self-control and will power, but it’s helped Molly to take fitness and achieving an ideal weight more seriously. DietSensor App also integrates with Molly’s FitBit® fitness tracker among others, so she can use her activity data to customize her energy budget per day, which is like the final piece of the jigsaw.
For those of us watching their nutritional intake, seeking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, DietSensor is a great tool to help monitor and control food and drink intake and provide guidance to keep on track. It helps to see what we are putting into our body and how we can control food intake in order to hit goals.