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DietSensor is as individual as you are

DietSensor’s primary purpose is to provide our users with an easy-to-use, convenient and comprehensive tool for measuring, logging and tracking nutritional data to empower people to successfully meet their nutritional goals.

We know that everybody (and every body) is unique, is different. We metabolize at different rates, we have different nutritional needs, we are different shapes and sizes, and our needs evolve as we grow older. DietSensor is as individual as you are, and creates personalized nutritional plans based on your personal profile. 

When you first set up the DietSensor App on your iOS or Android device, you will be asked to set up a personal profile, which will form the basis of your nutrition plan. Depending on your goals (for example, control diabetes, weight management, etc.), you will receive personalized nutritional advice tailored to your needs.

Setting up your profile is easy:

• Open the DietSensor App
• Press the Menu icon and select Goal.’
• Choose Launch Wizard.’ Here, you will see your Profile Information.
• Press Next > Enter your health details
• Press Next >
– Check your eating habits and answer these simple questions. 
– You can always change it later but it’s best to answer all these questions, and answer honestly, in order to enjoy a much better and realistic coaching experience.
• Press Next >
– Choose Add Goals, which can be to lose weight, maintain your weight, gain weight and so on, and complete it by adding other features, like normalizing HbA1C (diabetes), normalize cholesterol, normalize blood pressure.
– The questions we answer here will help DietSensor properly personalize the amounts of proteins, carbohydrates or fat, which will be recommended to us.
• Press Next > A new screen titled ‘What is your Goal Weight will appear.
– Properly define the ideal goal for weight.
– The recommended range for the BMI is comprised between 18 and 25.
• You can now adapt your diet’s intensity and choose how much weight you want to lose each week. But Beware! 
– Do not go below the daily-recommended calories intake. Eating too little can be unhealthy too! 
– The indicators will change from green to orange to give information about how deciding upon a specific weight loss can have a positive or negative effect on your health. 
– Losing weight too rapidly can have a yoyo effect in the long term. 
– Ideally you want to steadily achieve and maintain your target numbers.
• You can then select how many meals per day we eat. Choose the number of meals and snacks you normally take every day.
– You can now see your Customized Diet Plan broken down into proteins, carbohydrates and fat (lipids), measured in grams, for the whole day, and the amount you need to reach at each meal (or time slot).
– Depending on these figures, you will see DietSensor’s graph giving you a new diet goal in terms of proteins, fat or carbohydrates at each new meal(or time slot), which you can easily follow using the blue and red zones.
• Of course, your plan is highly customizable. Should you want to adjust your plan, simply press the Customize this diet plan’ button >
– You will then be taken to the customization screen where you can update your calorie intake for the whole day, the amount corresponding to each nutrient, the time of your meals, and the amount in grams of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids that you would like to take for each meal.
▪ To update the calorie intake, just enter a figure.
▪ Beware: if you decide to re-initialize (Reset button), the number of calories, which will be proposed, will be calculated for a maintain weight objective.
– You can also customize the percentage composition of protein, lipids and carbohydrates, bearing in mind that the figures, which have been proposed, are the figures, which have been recommended by major health authorities in respective countries.
▪ Changes to these values should be made ideally after seeking the advice of a nutritionist.
– We can also decide to modify the time of a specific meal. The meal times will be used by DietSensor to proceed to the next step. At least one hour must separate two meals. Don’t forget to allocate the right meal type (lunch, snack, dinner and so on) to each time slot. This will lead DietSensor to propose certain types of food in the Suggestion tool. 
– You can also change the amount of protein, lipids or carbohydrates that youwant to take for each meal. You could, for instance, add more carbs to your lunch because you don’t want to eat too many carbs for dinner. 
• Press the Home button to go back to the main screen.
• Congratulations! Your values have now been defined as your goals, broken out byyour meal times. Your graph will automatically adapt according to your saved parameters.

Once you’ve configured DietSensor with your personal profile, you’re ready to take advantage of the rich features that make tracking nutrition a breeze. For example, the DietSensor App enables nutritional tracking via manual entry, via the onboard catalogue, via barcode scanning or via the optional third party spectroscopic scanner, generating easytoaccess results that instantly tells you what’s in your food or beverage. With the catalogue, you’ll be able to access one of the world’s largest food databases with more than 600,000 items from over 19 countries in 12languages.

DietSensor also works intuitively with you ‘on the fly’, providing personal nutrition coaching viamessages after each meal and featuring a unique daily progression chart that details information on carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, calories, and alcohol levels and makes recommendations in terms of meals and levels of nutrients needed to keep you on track for the day. 

DietSensor has the capability to act as a central hub for all of your nutritional and fitness tracking, and is fully compatible with technology from more than 25 companies, including Adidas®, FitBit®, Garmin®, Jawbone®, Microsoft®, Runkeeper®, Sony® and Strava®. Each activity from your favorite tracker can enter your calorific data directly into DietSensor without any logging requirement.