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Diet And Weight: We Had It All wrong

The human race has a paradoxical energy crisis. We are drowning in stored energy (fat), something evolution did not prepare us for. Excess body weight now poses the greatest threat to healthy survival. How did we get here and how might we take back control of body weight?

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It’s obvious that our armamentarium of medications and procedures for preventing and treating obesity is not working. « It’s simple, eat less, move more. » say many people, who are usually thin. But it’s not that simple. The thinking behind this misguided initiative lay in two false acceptances. The first one, saturated fat and dietary cholesterol cause cardiovascular disease. The second, because fat contains about double the calories of protein and carbohydrate, low-fat diets would address the new obesity problem. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans, public health services and the FDA, the bodies that exist to protect our health, have led the public in the wrong direction. The solution is simple! DietSensor is the first nutritional coach app designed to support the more than 380 million people who suffer from diabetes and the more than 1.4 billion people who battle each day with obesity. The new DietSensor™ app is a technology-based solution that brings useful information and advice to those of us who must manage this condition each day. For them, it is critical to balance their diet very carefully and in this respect DietSensor is empowering,” said Remy and Astrid Bonnasse, DietSensor co-founders. The DietSensor app would be your personal fitness coach with personal feedback on the quantity and quality of your food to help keep you on track. The DietSensor solution is available for priority reservation August and begins shipping in September to the USA, France, Canada, Great Britain and 15 other countries. To reserve your DietSensor, visit or e-mail

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