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Daily chocolate intake linked to lower risk of diabetes, heart disease

There is some welcome news for chocolate lovers; new research suggests eating chocolate every day may lower the likelihood of diabetes and heart disease


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Eating chocolate everyday could lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease, particularly when it comes to dark chocolate, say researchers. On top of that, studies also suggest that a daily chocolate consumption can reduced insulin resistance and improved liver enzyme levels. So the nasty question might be : Could dark chocolate be included on dietary recommendations ? Prof.Stranges and colleagues say their findings suggest that chocolate consumption may reduce the risk of developing cardiometabolic disorders by improving liver enzyme levels and protecting against insulin resistance. However, he notes that is important to distinguish the difference between chocolate that contains natural cocoa and processed chocolate; the latter is much higher in calories. « Therefore, physical activity, diet and other lifestyle factors must be carefully balanced to avoid detrimental weight gain over time, » he adds. Let’s make it simple for you! Meet the DietSensor app, the smart food scanner which pairs via Bluetooth with the SCiO sensor, and which has a small infrared sensor on one end. DietSensor is a handheld scanner that connects to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. When you point it at your chocolate and click, it’s able to detect its nutritional value and send a detailed report straight to your phone via Bluetooth in seconds. By scanning your food, even homemade, it will take 1 click to log it, 10 times less clicks than manual input methods to input processed food. Isn’t it amazing? So, no excuse, start eating healthy without stopping counting your food intake. You can pre-order dietsensor and the SCiO scanner today and pay on delivery, in September 2016. For the scale, which will be available this year, subscribe to our list

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