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Breaking down food myths: Stop demonizing food

Almost every day in the news you hear about a new study coming out either praising or villainizing a type of food – one day your cup of coffee is an indulgent treat and the next day it is associated with protective health benefits. This yo-yoing can cause confusion and may lead you to unnecessarily demonize foods and the nutrients in them.

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In the world of health and fitness, carbohydrates and fat are villains, which are macronutrients along with protein that your body needs in large amounts to provide energy and to aid in growth and body function. We also required micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals – but in much smaller amounts. According to Angela Luciani, RD, LDN, a registered dietitian said in an interview with, that eating more calories that your body required can lead to weight gain. She also added that cutting out entire food groups can lead to nutritional shortfalls and unpleasant side effects. Many people incorrectly believe that only sugar causes type 2 diabetes. In reality, the insulin resistance associated with type 2 diabetes can be thought of as carbohydrate intolerance; type 2 diabetes is a side effect of consuming too many carbohydrates relative to a person’s carbohydrate tolerance, which can cause blood sugar to spike. You can start using a carb counter to monitor your carb intake and it is a great way to stay on track! DietSensor, the scanner-and-app combo , introduced at CES 2016, aims to make healthy eating easier and instantly gives you nutrition info on the food you’re eating! By scanning your food, even homemade, it will take 1 click to log it, 10 times less clicks than manual input methods to input processed food. It is the first instant nutrition coach with sensors able to tell within seconds the nutritional values of a food or beverage and give immediate advice, of the quantity of what you should eat from your plate based on your goals. All this driven by evidence based medicine.

The DietSensor app is for people who need to control their daily food intake, especially those who want to effectively tackle weight loss, get in shape or manage diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure or other chronicle diseases related to nutrition. DietSensor’s innovative progression chart gives you comprehensive information on carbs, fat protein, calories, and alcohol levels to provide customized nutrition goals. Stay on target by getting tailored-to-YOU feedback on the quantity and quality of the food you should or should should not eat. A Smart Diet Scale will also be available this year, and the pocket size scale should come in 2017. For more info visit  or you can pre-order today on:

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