Eat balanced, fly away from restrictive diets or meal delivery, take over the control, learn and improve your health in a sustainable way


THE MOST COMPLETE: It does it all and it’s all-in-one; there’s no need to use a confusing combination of other applications.
THE MOST RELIABLE: conceived with the help of doctors and dietitians, it uses nutrition fundamentals as its backbone, taking into account chronic health conditions
THE MOST INNOVATIVE: In 2016, DietSensor was crowned as the world’s most innovative application by CES in Las Vegas.


Make the right choices at the grocery store

  • Use the handy shopping list, customized according to your preferences and allergies ( if applicable)
  • Scan your foods to have them analyzed using two scientifically-based scoring systems so that you eat less fats, salt, sugar and processed foods.
  • DietSensor will suggest healthy alternatives

Customized shopping list

Scientifically-based scans of foods

DietSensor will suggest better and healthier alternatives

Available on Apple, coming soon on Android

Dictate your meals

  • Simply dictate and DietSensor will quickly analyze the nutritional quality of your meals relying on its huge database of products
  • DietSensor will assess whether the meal is satisfying or whether you’ll risk getting the munchies

Dictate your meals

Huge database of food products

Find out if you’ll still be hungry

Available on Apple, coming soon on Android

Configure and get a customized nutrition program

  • Our customized program perfectly adapts to your tastes, your health and fitness profile and your goals
  • You can eat what you like while rediscovering healthy foods
  • Everything proposed is scientifically proven

Save your health profile and your preferences

DietSensor sets your personal targets

DietSensor guides you towards choices that match

Re-learn how to eat healthy

  • with our easy recipes*
  • with our food suggestions if you don’t have the time to cook
  • with our morning tips that will start your day right ?

Healthy and tasty recipes*

Suggestions of non-processed foods

Daily tips

*Recipes available on Apple, coming soon on Android

Track your physical activity and your hydration levels

  • Manually input your physical activity or connect with Apple Health or Google Fit
  • DietSensor will automatically update your daily caloric needs
  • Input the amount of water that you drink, and receive reminders so you stay hydrated


Apple Health / Google Fit

Monitor hydration levels

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What is fitness exactly? Some people are confused about the nature of fitness. Is there an absolute barometer that gauges an ideal fitness level or is fitness defined by the individual’s personal fitness goals? Are health and fitness mutually exclusive, or does one need to be both healthy and fit in order to be at their best? In order to get fit, should one burn calories or is fat burning the preferred choice?

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Ideally, a comprehensive health and fitness regimen should include fitness programs that offer different targeted activities.  Focusing on only one aspect of fitness training during a workout is rarely optimal.  Instead, it’s much better to change things up with full body workouts that include high intensity, cardio, and building strength exercises along with other specialized exercise programs that, for example, focus on specific major muscle groups. Everyone wants to get fit, but everyone also has different personal fitness goals which needs to be taken into account.  Changing up the type and range of physical activity keeps the body on its toes which in turn will strengthen its ability to continue to adapt to whatever is thrown at it.

Correlating healthy eating and fitness is where the DietSensor app comes in. The fuel that one puts in their body has a direct impact on the body’s usage of its fuel reserves. By letting DietSensor be a guide in helping make healthy food choices in grocery stores, restaurants and in kitchens during meal preparations, the more balanced meals will be, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of workouts. The DietSensor application also works hand in hand with fitness trackers such as Google Fit and Apple Health for the ultimate in synergy.

There are many different ways to work out. If you’re looking for low impact conditioning, you can turn to yoga and pilates, one of the best ways to improve stretching, agility and mind and body fitness. If you want something a bit more high energy, you could try Zumba. Maybe your personal training goals are a bit more ambitious and you’d rather jump into some heart pumping cardio workouts. Or maybe you want to push yourself to the max with some high intensity interval training or resistance training to max out your muscular strength.

Fitness and wellness are perfect companions, and DietSensor is the perfect tool to help you optimize both. Whether your goal is to burn fat at the gym to get in shape, or you’ve decided to dip your toe into workout routines and exercising for the first time for general body toning and conditioning purposes, DietSensor has you covered. Maybe you want to work up a sweat and jump into total body workouts for weight loss or in order to maintain your ideal body weight. If losing weight has been challenging for you in the past, DietSensor is the tool for you.

You can harness the full power of DietSensor by connecting it to fitness trainers and trackers such as Google Fit and Apple Health. In this manner, you’ll be sure to optimize your full body workouts.

Whether your goals range from losing body fat to the cardiovascular benefits that circuit training can bring you, DietSensor, the most innovative nutrition-based application on the market today can get you there.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating has a direct correlation with combating many disorders. The high rate of obesity and diabetes are direct results of healthy habits (or rather, the lack of healthy habits). Some people struggle with inadequate nutrition education or have been given the wrong nutrition advice, and confusion reigns. As a consequence, they don’t really know how to balance their diets or to optimize…

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…their grocery shopping and make healthy choices in the grocery store.

Sometimes, we are aware of the broad strokes of what constitutes healthy meals, but the actual detail of that escapes us. For example, we all know that fruits and vegetables are important foods to include in meals, but how many of us know how many fruits and vegetables we should actually eat during each meal? We know that fatty foods are unhealthy for us, but how many of us are aware of the different kinds of fats, including trans fats and saturated fats, and that some fats can actually be beneficial? We’re bombarded by a wide variety of low fat foods in the grocery aisles, but is only eating low fat synonymous with eating healthy?

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated,and with DietSensor, the road to healthy eating just got easier. With the DietSensor app, building well balanced meals and choosing heart healthy foods only takes seconds. Good nutrition becomes second nature with our tips for healthy eating.

For optimized health and the prevention of health problems and conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and heart disease and stroke, dieting isn’t the answer despite all the buzz about the next big ‘healthy diet’ fads that are continually being introduced into the marketplace. Instead of dieting, the real answer for disease prevention lies in rebalancing your body’s nutrients, and maintaining this balance over time. Eating a balanced diet is one of the most – if not the most – important healthy eating tips that DietSensor and dietitians and other health professionals can suggest. If you eat nutritious and fully-balanced meals, which includes whole grains, lean meats and poultry, healthy fats, and foods rich in fiber and Omega-threes, there will be no need to boost your diet and spend extra money with vitamin and mineral supplements; you’ll get all of the essential nutrients that your body needs directly from the meals on your plate.

DietSensor not only gives your all the necessary dietary guidelines that you need to stay healthy on a daily basis; it is the perfect tool to use to maintain healthy weight. Reaching your ideal body weight is possible, with DietSensor’s barcode reading feature with reads foods’ nutrition facts labels, perfect for guiding you while grocery shopping. You’ll be able to easily track your calorie needs meal-to-meal. Proper portion control is essential for weight loss and it’s never been easier with DietSensor.

With DietSensor, you’ll establish healthy eating habits which is the key to optimizing nutrition and health. The application will steer you in the right direction, helping your shiaway from sugary, processed foods. DietSensor strives to educate its users and demystify healthy eating. For example, users learn that fat free fad diets isn’t the answer to losing weight; instead, incorporating healthy unsaturated fats while avoiding trans fat will optimize the process.

Weight Loss

Losing weight sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Not only is the personal struggle of losing weight and maintaining weight loss all too real, the plethora of diets that are constantly being promoted just adds another unneeded layer of confusion. Should someone choose a protein diet, or a low carb diet? Maybe a carb diet is the way to go, or a very low calorie diet which is what intermittent…

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…fasting supports?

With all the diets out there, each one minimizing at least one macro nutrient while highlighting another, can they all be effective? Should someone who wants to lose weight focus on fat burning, or should he / she try to boost metabolism? Should he / she count calories and focus on portion control. How credible are all those weight loss tips circling the web? Can all diets be healthy diets?The data says no. It’s been proven that most diets aren’t effective (some reports say as much as 90% of diets fail) in terms of long term weight loss. Sure, in the short term, weight loss can be achieved through dieting, but maintain weight loss is a whole other show. In terms of the health factors, most nutritionists and registered dietitians agree that extreme diets are not conducive to healthy weight loss.

If someone wants to achieve real weight loss results, whether their goal is to lose 10 pounds or track their body mass index (BMI), healthy eating should be the foundation of all that follows. The DietSensor app promotes healthy habits and helps dieters make the right food choices, each and every time. The road to reaching an ideal weight starts with choosing the best foods (in terms of nutritional value) for meals and snacking. Diet and exercise are only part of the equation of how to lose weight; successful weight loss starts with the nutritional value of the foods one consumes. With DietSensor, users can lose weight the healthy, sustainable way.


The origin of DietSensor sparked after Remy and Astrid Bonnasse, the husband and wife team that created the application; were faced with the life-altering news that their 9-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The application was initially designed to help people with diabetes in their diabetes management, and get a better handle on their blood glucose levels and…

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…insulin needs by making healthy food choices. The application was designed from day one with diabetes prevention in mind.
As the application grew in popularity, so did its range of features. Now, the application has evolved to encompass anyone that wants to follow a healthy balanced diet, and maintain a healthy body weight/ It’s the most comprehensive application in the market for those that value – or wants to value – a healthy lifestyle, that is built on nutrition, diet and exercise. DietSensor has come a long way, from its initial diabetes care focus and singular aim to prevent diabetes in children to its present, all-encompassing commitment to users of all profiles that want to be and stay healthy, including those that need to lower cholesterol levels, reduce hypertension, track carbs, proteins, and fat intake or are interested in losing weight. Reducing risk factors for type 2 diabetes and other conditions was just the beginning, and the apps evolution continues to expand. It’s the perfect tool that provides all the across-the-board, health-related guidelines that users need to stay healthy.


Hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure, is the biggest global risk factor for death causing kidney disease, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Worldwide, 9.4 million people die from hypertension on a yearly basis, and approximately 1.5 billion people – those that have been diagnosed, that is – suffer from it. The disease is often called the silent killer…

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…because most people with high blood pressure have no symptoms. As those people feel healthy, they simply don’t get checked.

High blood pressure increases your risk for other dangerous health conditions, such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure and kidney disease. All of these conditions are major risk factors for hypertension. Although it’s not possible to control all risk factors for high blood pressure / hypertension, prevention is within grasp. There are preventive steps that can be taken to keep hypertension in check and control high blood pressure and all of its complications.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends a healthy lifestyle to help keep blood pressure low, and reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke. According to the CDC, people should eat healthy,control salt intake, maintain a healthy weight, and include physical activity in their regimen. DietSensor was created to do just that; the application guides users to eat healthy, keep their weight down, and can be used as a supplemental nutrition-based tool along with Google Fit and Apple Health.  With DietSensor, users make healthy food choices – and healthy eating keeps cholesterol levels, heart disease, elevated blood pressure and hypertension at bay.


So, what exactly is cholesterol? Actually, cholesterol tends to get something of a bad rap. In order for your body to work properly, some cholesterol is needed – you just have to make sure it’s the good kind. There are two main categories of cholesterol; one category is ‘good’ cholesterol and the other is ‘bad’ cholesterol. LDL is the villain of this story, and HDL is the hero. If you have too…

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…much elevated cholesterol or high LDL cholesterol levels in your blood, it can adhere to the wall lining of arteries, build up and eventually block them. This blocking of arteries is a high risk factor for heart disease, heart attack and coronary artery disease. Saturated fats and trans fats are the kinds of fat that raise LDL levels while lowering HDL. High HDL cholesterol levels is a good thing, and indicates that cholesterol is properly collected from parts of your body and brought back to your liver; which undertakes the function of removing it from the body.

A heart healthy lifestyle, the kind that DietSensor promotes, is the best treatment for high cholesterol. Just some of the benefits that users of DietSensor gets include expert guidance for healthy eating and weight management. Being overweight will raise LDL levels and lower HDL levels, as does the over-consumption of alcohol. DietSensor helps you maintain nutritional lifestyle changes, which includes sticking to a heart healthy, high in fiber diet that will reduce cholesterol, as fiber prevents your body from absorbing LDL cholesterol. With DietSensor, you can easily make the best nutritional choices and maintain a healthy balanced diet. With the application, you’ll be able to focus on good food choices such as fish – rich in omega-3 -and healthy fats, such as the type of unsaturated fats found in lean meats, nuts, and canola, olive and safflower oils. You’ll easily be able to steer clear of processed, fatty foods that will sabotage your efforts of healthy eating.

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