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mySugr app is a registered medical app with a pleasant user interface design, which vows to make diabetes suck less. Creating entries has been made easier! In addition, the app presents exciting challenges and amusing feedback (e.g. taming the diabetes monster represents progress), designed to encourage user engagement and help them achieve their goals. It syncs with other devices and gives estimates of HbA1c from entries and generates easy-to-understand statistics and graphs instantly. mySugr app also allows data sharing and backup – Pro users have the advantage of choosing the file format and the period desired. Exclusive Pro features include automatic alerts to check blood glucose levels after meals, multi-device sync and smart searching among others. mySugr coach (iOS only) offers top-notch personalised advice and diabetes education at your fingertips. However, the bolus calculator module is available only in the EU and does not take into account Protein and Fat as Diabetes:M does (see below).

What we love most about mySugr?

It is a registered medical device in the US and EU. Besides, it is one of the most appealing and user-friendly diabetes management app!

What we would have loved?

It does not import Carb data from Apple Health or Google Fit even if it can sync with those platforms. They claim “it creates duplicated entries”. Too bad, you can not see your Carb data from DietSensor automatically logged in mySugr.


PredictBGL is a must-have diabetes companion app with interesting features. It has an advanced insulin dose calculator which integrates exercise and other factors to personalise the doses (Pro users get optimised doses for protein, fat and fibre). PredictBGL also offers insulin on board tracking to prevent insulin stacking and overdose and, as its name suggests, it predicts hypers and hypos up to 8 hours ahead and displays the trend though smart graphs. However, the predictive graph is a Pro feature. Moreover, the virtual coach suggests changes to be made for better control (e.g. delayed eating suggestions). It allows data import from many other devices including DietSensor (meters, pumps, CGM, fitness trackers), instant sharing of live data, and secure data backup. Last but not least, it has an automatic alert which cannot be disabled so that you never forget to check and log your blood glucose values. 😉

What we love most about PredictBGL?

Its predictive analytics enable you to have an insight into your blood glucose dynamics at a glance!  And you can import your carb data directly from DietSensor through Apple Health and Google Fit (Pro feature).

What we would have loved?

The interface and user experience could have been better optimized. In many screens you will see the web platform displayed, which is not very mobile friendly.


Diabetes:M is an all-in-one app designed to help diabetics to keep track of and manage their condition. It has a lot of fantastic tools namely, a cutting-edge bolus calculator which allows both pump or multi-injection users to calculate normal and extended insulin doses. The app provides various reports with detailed graphs and easy-to-read analytical charts, which can be shared via email with the supervising specialists. The app allows import and export of data from/to various sources including DietSensor (automatic sync on data change for Premium users). However, the app doesn’t have a virtual coach, but it offers remote monitoring (Premium users only) by a clinician. Premium users also have the exclusivity of having 2 additional profiles, access to expanded food database and advanced pattern analysis among others. This award-winning app supports Android wear smart watch!

What we love most about Diabetes:M?

Its advanced bolus calculator is absolutely amazing as it offers normal and extended insulin dose calculation (incl. protein and fat) for both pump or multi-injection users. You log a meal with DietSensor, open Diabetes:M and can calculate the perfect insulin dose in seconds. And we think that the PREMIUM plan is affordable and the best value for money.

What we would have loved?

Ads in the Basic plan come back often, but they disappear when you upgrade.