Supported food DietSensor

Supported food DietSensor

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The DietSensor App gives with SCiO the levels of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and calories for (almost) all homogeneous foods in the world.

The DietSensor app also gives these values for any food, whether homogeneous or not, thanks to its catalog of 600,000 foods and beverages (recipes, mixed dishes, brands or restaurant chains).

Another SCiO app is available : the « SCiO Pocket Molecular Sensor App » from Consumer Physics, the SCiO maker. This app can authenticate a couple over-the-counter pain relievers and the % of body fat (find the SCiO app in the App stores)

No application known from us, to date, can detect or measure with SCiO, pesticides or poisons, allergens, nutrient sub-elements (saturated fats, simple sugars, …), vitamins, minerals or the freshness/maturity of a product. Dietsensor is working on some of these elements.