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Helps you Lose and Maintain Weight

“After losing 100 pounds, keeping track of my nutritional statistics is critical to my maintaining my weight loss. DietSensor has become a crucial partner in managing my healthy life style.”

[ultimate_modal modal_on=”text” modal_on_align=”left” read_text=”> Read more” txt_color=”#06afbe” modal_size=”medium” el_class=”modalRead”]”Many apps help you track your food intake but DietSensor makes tracking easy. After launching DietSensor on my iPhone and turning on the Bluetooth scale, I put the food on the scale and the food’s weight appears on my iPhone. Then I scan the barcode from the food’s package with my iPhone’s camera and immediately see the nutritional data for the food I am about to eat. If the food’s barcode is not available, I can search DietSensor’s extensive nutritional database or I can use the SCiO scanner to retrieve the nutritional statistics. Once the food is found, I can save it, along with a photo, into my favorites for easy retrieval the next time I eat it. As I record my food I see a graph of how I am doing against my daily nutritional goals.
One area where DietSensor shines is when your meal consists of many different ingredients. Let’s say you are eating a multi-vegetable salad with a protein like chicken. You place your bowl on the scale and press the add food button. Put chicken in the bowl and identify it and press add. Chicken statistics are recorded. Put your next food in the bowl – say carrots. DietSensor immediately recognizes that the weight has changed and let’s you identify the food and then add it. Keep going with whatever else you want in your salad. In the end, you get an accurate nutritional analysis of every item in your salad. It’s easy and fast. At the same time, you can see how your salad lines up with your daily goals and which carbs, proteins or fat might be lacking. This feature is also great for building and recording recipes.

DietSensor also pulls data from many fitness trackers – including the Apple Watch. As I exercise during the day, I can see my totals being adjusted for the calories I have burned. No input from me – it just happens. I don’t have to launch the watch app – the data moves seamlessly in the background.

If you want suggestions of what to eat for each meal and encouragement, DietSensor offers that too. The amount of handholding and interaction is totally up to you – more at the beginning when you need the help and less as you are maintaining your healthy life style.

I have also been very impressed with the responsiveness of the DietSensor team to my feedback and suggestions. They want DietSensor to be easy to use and to help users achieve a healthy lifestyle. Every update to the app shows they are listening to what users want and need.

I highly recommend DietSensor – it has helped me keep my weight under control.”[/ultimate_modal]

Sheryle, 65 years old, USA