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Seamlessly integrating software and hardware to create an entire personal nutrition and health ecosystem

The past few years have seen significant growth in wearable personal technology, in particular fitness trackers, step counters, activity monitors, heart monitors, devices which combine all of these functions, and their associated Apps and software.

DietSensor© is not just another App that sits on your phone and tracks food and drink. It’s much more than that. DietSensor’s core philosophy is providing an easy-to-use, convenient and comprehensive tool for measuring, logging and tracking nutritional data, empowering people to successfully meet their nutritional goals. Over and above that, It’s the center of a hub into which comprehensive nutritional, health, fitness and activity data can be fed seamlessly. This data is converted into meaningful and actionable information that is easy to understand and put to practical use that supports users in hitting their health and nutritional goals. 

Compatibility and ease of integration with third party hardware and software are central to that philosophyDietSensor is designed to be compatible with products from the following manufacturers:

  • – Adidas©
  • – Daily Mile©,
  • – FitBit©,
  • – Fitbug©,
  • – Garmin©,
  • – iHealth©,
  • – Jawbone© UP,
  • – Life Fitness©,
  • – Microsoft©,
  • – Misfit©,
  • – Moves©,
  • -Moov Now©,
  • -Pear Sports©,
  • -Precor©,
  • – Runkeeper©,
  • – Sony©,
  • – Strava©,
  • -Suunto©,
  • -VitaDock©,
  • – Withings©

The compatibility is an ongoing program andwill be further enhanced though future App updates.

Within the DietSensor ‘ecosystem’ itself there are currently two hardware products that add significant functionality and seamlessly synchronize with the App via BluetoothThe first device is the SCiO©, a small, pocket-sized spectroscopic scanner developed by our partners at Consumer Physics, that quickly scans ‘homogenous’ foods, for example, meat, fruit, bread, milk etc., and generateschemical and nutritional data, which is fed directly into the DietSensor App. This is then translated into meaningful information, and measured against the daily nutrition goals set by the user. SCiO is extremely useful when preparing food at home or where we do not have product information or a barcode to scan. We talk about the features of the SCiOsensor and what that brings to DietSensor elsewhere in this key features section.

The second piece of hardware currently part of the DietSensor ecosystem is a Bluetooth digital scale, developed by leading manufacturer Tefal, which also connects to the App and allows users to weigh food, giving greater portion control in terms of importing data directly and making calculating the exact number of nutrients required to stay on track for the day really easy and convenient. 

Linking DietSensor with the SCiO sensor and scale provides in-depth and accurate nutritional data and analysis, a critical element when managing conditions such as Diabetes, monitoring macro-nutrients such as carbohydrates, lipids and proteins or simply managing health and weight.

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