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DietSensor: Nutrition App with Sensors for a Healthy Life Style

There has been significant growth in wearable personal technology, from fitness trackers to step counters, activity monitors, heart monitors, and multi-functional devices.

DietSensor is an innovative nutritional solution that combines a mobile application with a molecular sensor and smart scale for accurate food and nutritional measurement.

The DietSensor mobile app actively tracks nutrition, health, fitness, and activity data and converts it into information that is accessible to users and is practical in supporting their health and nutrition goals.

To provide even more nutritional measurement, the DietSensor solution combines with the  SCIO sensor and the Bluetooth digital scale.  The SCIO is a small, pocket-sized spectroscopic scanner developed by Consumer Physics that scans basic food (meat, fruit, bread, milk, etc.) to gain nutritional data that is then processed into meaningful information for the DietSensor user.  The Bluetooth digital scale, developed by Tefal, can connect to the DietSensor app and allow users to precisely and conveniently portion food without the struggle of having to perform calculations.  Linking the DietSensor app to these devices can enable users to get the most out of the nutrition app.

DietSensor is also compatible with third party devices from the following providers:

  • Adidas©
  • Daily Mile©
  • FitBit©
  • Fitbug©
  • Garmin©
  • iHealth©
  • Jawbone© UP
  • Life Fitness©
  • Microsoft©
  • Misfit©
  • Moves©
  • Moov Now©
  • Pear Sports©
  • Precor©
  • Runkeeper©
  • Sony©
  • Strava©
  • Suunto©
  • VitaDock©
  • Withings©