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Digital Scale + SCiO + Unlimited Scan + Premium APP for Life

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  • 1 DietSensor Digital Scale – send the weight of the food to the DietSensor app via Bluetooth.
  • 1 SCiO  + Unlimited Scan + Premium APP for Life – scan your food in one click and get precise values of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and calories of any food, even homemade, as long as it is homogeneous.

SCiO is the smallest and cheapest “spectrometer” available on the mass market, and is part of a new generation of portable spectrometers. It was a huge challenge to miniaturize this lab grade technology to make it available to the public for a reasonable price (standard spectrometers are worth tens of thousands of dollars and very bulky). That’s why Consumer Physics, the maker of SCiO, along with DietSensor, the maker of the app and the food database, has received multiple prestigious awards.
– DietSensor received the highest possible distinction at CES 2016 with the “Best of innovation award” in the Software & Mobile Apps Category.
– Consumer Physics has been named Technology pioneer 2015 by the World Economic Forum in the Life Science and Health Category
– Consumer Physics earned the 2016 top corporate honor in The Optical Society’s (OSA)

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Digital Scale + SCiO + Unlimited Scan + Premium APP for Life

To use both SCiO Scanner and Digital scale, you need to:

1. Purchase a SCiO scanner + Digital scale from the DietSensor online store (on this page).

2. Download the DietSensor Application from the App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve connected your SCiO to your phone via Bluetooth, you will unlock the nutritional coaching features of the DietSensor Premium app for life, instead of 78.99€ per year. You will not have to pay anything else!

DietSensor App:

  • Ultimate nutritional tracking and coaching tool.
  • Elected the most innovative app in the world by the 2016 CES.
  • Includes a database of 600,000 food items and barcodes.
  • Also includes a nutritional coaching for weight loss, obesity, and diabetes, an assistance managing cholesterol and/or a healthy diet.
  • Compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit
For purchases of more than 1 Digital Scale or SCiO scanner, please contact us at info@dietsensor.com

About SCiO

Watch SCiO in action:

The SCiO scanner, conceived by Consumer Physics, an international leader in the miniaturized spectrometry, communicates directly with the DietSensor app via Bluetooth, allowing you to follow your calorie, lipid, protein and carb nutritional intake as precisely as possible. Most of the food you eat is homogeneous. Check out the list of homogenous food items covered by DietSensor through SCiO.

Specifications SCiO

COMPATIBILITY iPhone 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus 6SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8 and X (iOS9 or above), Android: 5 or above (require Bluetooth Low Energy)
CONNECTIVITY Wireless connection
TEMPERATURE 41° to 95° F (5° to 35° C)
ILLUMINATION Wide-band NIR, Eye Safe
SENSOR Near IR Spectroscopy
SCAN MEASUREMENTS Time: 1.5 seconds, Distance: 5 to 15 millimeters
BATTERY One week, under typical use, Charging via micro USB
WEIGHT 0.07 lb
DIMENSIONS 2.12 x 1.43 x 0.60 in

About Digital Scale

Watch the digital scale in action:

Synced with the “most innovative app in the world”, the digital scale by DietSensor provides you with the weight of any food item at any time. You can serve your plate with food, weigh it on the digital scale and identify the metrics on your DietSensor app. The scale is compatible with iPhones 5 and up, and with most Android devices (preferable Android 5.1 and up.)

Extras: As it has a retro-enlightened LDL screen, the scale may also be used without the App as a basic kitchen scale. Accurate graduations of 1 g, range of 10 kg, tare function, g ml oz, fl.oz units, automatic switching-off.

 Specifications Digital Scale:

CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 4.0 with iPhone 5C or above, or Android 5.0 or above
WEIGH UP TO / ACCURACY 10Kg (22Lbs) / 1g (0,035oz)
AUTO TARE Yes, no need to empty container to add another food item
POWER SOURCE 4 AAA LR03 batteries (included)
WEIGHT 800g (1,76Lbs)
DIMENSIONS 26cm x 21,5cm x 2,2cm (10.23in x 8.46in x 0.86in)


How does DietSensor work?

Like other leading meal logging apps, DietSensor allows you to search food or scan barcodes.

What makes DietSensor unique is the depth of our nutrition coaching advice based on your goals and our food analysis, which goes far beyond calories.

Thanks to your ultrafast and accurate SCiO scanner, you will be able to easily and rapidly scan your food or beverage.

Within seconds, you will see a breakdown of nutrition information displayed on your smartphone and the impact this will have on your nutrition goals, if consumed.

What kinds of food scans can DietSensor read from your SCiO?

You can scan any food with a single, or homogeneous, texture. In order to get an accurate result of the scan, the scanned surface of the food and its internal composition must be made of the same component. For example, mashed potatoes would be considered a homogeneous food, whereas a sandwich or a donut with chocolate frosting would not.

SCiO in itself can scan multiple matters. For more information about the scans your SCiO can manage, we invite you to visit  our page of supported food here

How do I log non-homogenous foods into the DietSensor app?

We want to make sure that you can log any food, even non-homogeneous foods that you cannot scan into the DietSensor app. That’s why we have embedded one of the most extensive food databases in the world, with more than 600,000 food items.

This enormous database is powered by Fatsecret, a strategic partner that provides us with the best database on the market using an open API platform. You can easily and quickly log your food using a search feature or a barcode scan.

What minimum system requirements are needed to run DietSensor?

DietSensor will run on iPhones 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus with iOS 9 or higher. It will run on Android-based phones 5.1 or above.

How can I purchase DietSensor in my country?

To run the full version of the DietSensor App, you need an “Ultimate” package and  the SCiO scanner.
You can purchase and use DietSensor from any country except China and Japan.

Which languages and countries are supported by the DietSensor app?

The DietSensor app is available to download from all AppStores except China and Japan. The app is available in English, French, Spanish and Italian but you can search the food database in 18 languages:
This means that everybody from anywhere except China and Japan will be able to purchase and use DietSensor, and search food in one of these 18 languages or use SCiO in English, French, Spanish, or Italian.

What does the automatic weighing (digital scale) feature consist of?

With DietSensor, you can indicate the weight of your portion with the touch of a finger. Unfortunately, portion estimation is often a huge source of error, and we know that our eyes will never replace a scale. To ensure maximum accuracy, we decided to connect DietSensor to a Bluetooth scale and incorporate the “Serve (and Weigh), Scan and Eat” capability.

How does DietSensor help me manage my health?

DietSensor’s primary objective is to facilitate food intake tracking to empower its users to follow and stick with their nutritional goals.

Additionally, DietSensor gives real-time suggestions each time you scan for maximum impact and optimal results.

Depending on your goals (Control diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, etc.), you will receive personalized nutritional advice tailored to your needs.

> Read more FAQs here

Have a question?

Get in touch with our customer support for any question at info@dietsensor.com or via our contact page


Track and field athlete 
by Grace Xmudio – March 23
“I have used the DietSensor app and SCiO scanner for three weeks. I thought it would be like
all the fitness apps basically guessing on the nutrition intake. For athletes who run
competitively and train daily like me, I use the app to try to optimize my nutrition as a way to
improve my times. I have always believed that paying attention to the food intake side would
bump my performance up a couple of notches and guess what, it did. I love the food tracking
because there’s nothing as accurate as this in the store. There is two ways to scan your food.
I vary it Sometimes I use the app with the scanner but when I am out in the field I use the
database function for inputting date, time and food tracking is phenomenal. I now connect
my calls burned (with my fitness app) to the dietsensor nutrition to get the most accurate
result possible. Nice work guys. Food and nutrition are equally important when trying to
improve fitness.”

DietSensor – new and faster ways to track nutritional stats
by VASewist – April 4
“A healthy, well-balanced eating plan is very important to my weight control strategy. After losing 100 pounds, keeping track of my nutritional statistics is critical to my maintaining my weight loss. DietSensor has become a crucial partner in managing my healthy lifestyle. Many apps help your track your food intake but DietSensor makes tracking easy. After launching DietSensor on my iPhone and turning on the Bluetooth scale, I put the food on the scale and the food’s weight appears on my iPhone. Then I scan the barcode from the food’s package with my iPhone’s camera and immediately see the nutritional data for the food I am about to eat. One area where DietSensor really shines is when your meal consists of many different ingredients. Let’s say you are eating a multi-vegetable salad with a protein like chicken. You place your bowl on the scale and press the Tare button. Put lettuce in the bowl and identify it and press add. Lettuce statistics are recorded. Put your next food in the bowl – say carrots. DietSensor immediately recognizes that the weight has changed and pulls up the screen for you to identify the food and then add it. Keep going with whatever else you want in your salad. In the end, you get an accurate nutritional analysis of every item in your salad. It’s easy and fast. At the same time, you can see how you salad lines up with your daily goals and which carbs, proteins or fat might be lacking. This feature is also great for building and recording recipes. I have also been very impressed with the responsiveness of the DietSensor team to my feedback and suggestions. They want DietSensor to be easy to use and to help users achieve a healthy lifestyle. Every update to the app shows they are listening to what users want and need. I highly recommend DietSensor – it has helped me keep my weight under control.”

SCiO is easy to use
By Nathalie, April 21
“Since I’m using DietSensor’s app, the results are clearly visible on my silhouette! After going through all kinds of diet, I had reached a point where my diet had become completely unbalanced and thus leading to
severe nutritional deficiencies! DietSensor allows you to balance your meals and accurately manage your macronutrients and caloric intake. It is very friendly user and very intuitive as well. Thanks to its large database, you can easily find what you are looking for. In addition, I use
the SCIO sensor which is also very easy to use, reliable and conducted with great discretion (useful for outdoor meals as well).”