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Digital Scale + SCiO + Unlimited Scan + Premium APP for Life

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  • 1 DietSensor Digital Scale – send the weight of the food to the DietSensor app via Bluetooth.
  • 1 SCiO  + Unlimited Scan + Premium APP for Life – scan your food in one click and get precise values of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and calories of any food, even homemade, as long as it is homogeneous.

SCiO is the smallest and cheapest “spectrometer” available on the mass market, and is part of a new generation of portable spectrometers. It was a huge challenge to miniaturize this lab grade technology to make it available to the public for a reasonable price (standard spectrometers are worth tens of thousands of dollars and very bulky). That’s why Consumer Physics, the maker of SCiO, along with DietSensor, the maker of the app and the food database, has received multiple prestigious awards.
– DietSensor received the highest possible distinction at CES 2016 with the “Best of innovation award” in the Software & Mobile Apps Category.
– Consumer Physics has been named Technology pioneer 2015 by the World Economic Forum in the Life Science and Health Category
– Consumer Physics earned the 2016 top corporate honor in The Optical Society’s (OSA)

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Digital Scale + SCiO + Unlimited Scan + Premium APP for Life

To use both SCiO Scanner and Digital scale, you need to:

1. Purchase a SCiO scanner + Digital scale from the DietSensor online store (on this page).

2. Download the DietSensor Application from the App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve connected your SCiO to your phone via Bluetooth, you will unlock the nutritional coaching features of the DietSensor Premium app for life, instead of 78.99€ per year. You will not have to pay anything else!

DietSensor App:

  • Ultimate nutritional tracking and coaching tool.
  • Elected the most innovative app in the world by the 2016 CES.
  • Includes a database of 600,000 food items and barcodes.
  • Also includes a nutritional coaching for weight loss, obesity, and diabetes, an assistance managing cholesterol and/or a healthy diet.
  • Compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit
For purchases of more than 1 Digital Scale or SCiO scanner, please contact us at info@dietsensor.com