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Digital Scale DietSensor

$70.00 (Price before tax)

For more than 2 Digital Scales, please contact us at info@dietsensor.com

Digital Scale

The DietSensor digital scale was specifically designed by one of the world’s leading cookware and appliance manufacturers. It automatically connects with the DietSensor app via Bluetooth®, enabling users to accurately weigh their food portions when they count Carbs, Fat, Protein and Calories with the DietSensor App available on AppStore and Google Play for FREE. This allows them to enjoy more accurate portion tracking, and food logging resulting in a higher success rate for achieving diabetes, weight loss and fitness goals. The smart scale sets to zero automatically. Users weigh items when they serve or even when they eat, if the scale is still under the plate, meaning accurate measuring takes place real time.

Specifications Digital Scale

CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 4.0 with iPhone 5C or above, or Android 5.0 or above
WEIGH UP TO / ACCURACY 10Kg (22Lbs) / 1g (0,035oz)
AUTO TARE Yes, no need to empty container to add another food item
POWER SOURCE 4 AAA LR03 batteries (not included)
WEIGHT 800g (1,76Lbs)
DIMENSIONS 26cm x 21,5cm x 2,2cm (10.23in x 8.46in x 0.86in)
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