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Motivational Tips 3 And 4: Get Excited And Anticipate

In a previous post, we gave you two power tips on how to stay motivated during your target-achieving journey. In this article, we’ll give you more insight into how you can stay on track.

Motivational tip #3: Create your own buzz

Meaning, get excited. If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember how motivational tip #2 was getting inspired by others. Now, you get to flip the script and be the one who inspires others. Talk to others about your goal. Build on the kernel of excitement that you have generated after getting inspired by others, and begin to visualize what it would be like when you reach your goal. See the benefits in your life when you hit that milestone. Once you do that, the positive energy that you’re cultivating will propel you further, facilitating the next seemingly counterproductive stage…

Motivational tip #3: Build up the anticipation

Once you’re inspired and you’ve gotten excited about your goal, don’t jump in right away. Instead, set a date to start in the near future. Mark it on your calendar, and sit back and wait (impatiently) for that date to arrive. Make that start date the most important date of your life. By doing so, you’re building anticipation, and galvanizing your energy and focus towards your goal.

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