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An indispensable nutritional companion

New foods came in my kitchen thanks to the Suggestions Smart Food while others have left (desserts so-called lightened, soft sodas …) 

[ultimate_modal modal_on=”text” modal_on_align=”left” read_text=”> Read more” txt_color=”#06afbe” modal_size=”medium” el_class=”modalRead”]”After a long illness, I went from 139 lb to 271 lb in 5 years, which led me to obesity. For my own sake, I need to undergo a strict diet to lose the excess pounds in order to be healthy and for my professional career. I’ve tried numerous diet sites, nutrition apps and paid coaching but in vain. Looking at my current diet; which mostly consist of bread, pasta, pizzas and parmesan, I must say I am a lost case.

While configuring the DietSensor app, the caloric budget proposed was similar to what was prescribed by the doctor. The distribution of macronutrients and other parameters gave me a confidence and trust with regards to the efficiency of the app.


I fell in love with the product right from the beginning, which is not surprising at all, as it is said “what is new is beautiful. What is ergonomic and friendly is even friendlier.”


I’ve been using it for more than 4 months now and I can still see the steady progression. Every morning I create my own meal plan for the day with the suggestions and catalogs with a wide array of meal suggestions, at the same time follow my nutritional graphs; new foods came in my kitchen thanks to the Suggestions Smart Food (new vegetables, legumes, almonds, dark chocolate …) while others have left (desserts so-called lightened, soft sodas …)


That means I have truly learned to add on the “good” fats without being afraid of decreasing carbohydrates, and that is how I found a peaceful relationship with food. Whether I am losing 2 to 5 pounds per month, I am now at peace with my eating habits and DietSensor has become not only an indispensable app for my health but a nutritional companion as well.


The road ahead is still far from over, but can definitely say I’m heading forth with my head high.


Manon, 39 years old, France