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Looking to generate money from your website?

Use your website, blog, e-newsletter or social media page to generate income using banners and text links from DietSensor. We are looking for individuals, bloggers or any other companies that fit within our overall strategy as a company seeking to help men, women and children with their fitness, health and wellness. Take a look at what we are all about and if you feel our products and services are a good match for your audience then we would love to hear from you!

To join now, simply register with the Awin Affiliate Network and apply to the DietSensor affiliate programme.

Step 1: Create a Publisher Account with Awin and join our program»

Click on “Signup and Join Program”


If you are already a Publisher of Awin you can skip to step 2.

Step 2: Login and join DietSensor’s Affiliate Program »

Step 3: Promote our products on your website. Depending on your website’s content you can choose to include Text Links, Banners or both. See our creative section “Links and Tools.”

Step 4: Visitors click on text links or banners and are redirected to our website.

Step 5: Visitors purchase our products on DietSensor’s store.

Step 6: By using a unique tracking ID (generated by Awin), we track sales and you receive your commission share. You will receive a 7% commission on all sales of any products that has been referred from your website. Our affiliate team remain at your disposal to respond to requests.

With a personal approach, we are always available to talk and discuss any relevant topics regarding partnering and promote our products. We also welcome and encourage you to be pro-active and come forward with your own ideas for promotions to run exclusively on your sites.

Who is DietSensor?

DietSensor is the most innovative nutritional tracking and coaching app in the world according to the CES Awards 2016. Whether you want to achieve a weight loss goal or manage your weight, work to build more muscle, eat healthily, manage cholesterol, or manage insulin-dependent diabetes, DietSensor could be the perfect option for you.


Affiliate Programme FAQ’s:

Anyone who owns and operates a website, owner of a social media page, blog or app around nutrition, health and wellness, fitness, weight loss and diabetes.

First you need to join the Awin Affiliate Network for only $5, setup your account and join our program.

The $5 sign-up fee is just to ensure that you are in fact a human and not running your campaigns through bots.

You will receive a welcome email with your login details to Awin Affiliate Center.

Afterwards, navigate to our profile and join our program. In the creative section, there you will be able to use and integrate our links and banners to our website and view your earnings and performance.

We offer various types of integration like text links, banners for website, blog, social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and deep links.

Every affiliate is assigned an unique ‘affiliate id’ (aid). When you create links to our website you should always include your ‘affiliate id’. Using this ID we recognize your visitor and store your aid in the session id. When a visitor submits an enquiry which leads to a sale we assign your commission.

Your commission is a percentage of the sales receives for the sale. The more sales are made via your website, the higher the commission share becomes. The commission share is set per sale (CPA 7%).

Awin calculate your commission per sale made. Once calculated, Awin will then transfer your commission to your bank account.

Once you are a member of Awin Affiliate Network, you can also earn $30 for every publisher you refer to join the affiliate platform.

The Awin Affiliate Network is a trusted and safe platform which pays regularly.

Our affiliate support team are always available to assist you with any queries. Simply contact us.