DietSensor User Illustrative Scenarios: Diabetes

DietSensor User Illustrative Scenarios: Diabetes


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, says the most common English proverb. It surely comes from the fact that regular fruit consumption may have a positive impact on health. However, people with diabetes are often told to avoid certain kinds of fruits particularly those with a high level of fructose. According to a … Continue reading Impact of fruit consumption on blood sugar level


Highlighting the appalling death toll that has been revealed in a recently published study in PLoS ONE that diabetes is causing the death around four times as many people as originally expected. In fact, more and more people are suffering from diabetes complications and the need for diabetes care is constantly increasing. Diabetes, the most … Continue reading Obesity and Diabetes Kill More Than Initially Thought, According to New Study

In this illustrative scenario, we explore how the DietSensor App can provide support to manage chronic conditions. First of all, the bad news… As food has become more processed, commoditized and ubiquitous, we have seen significant changes in how what we eat and drink negatively impacts health, resulting in an exponential increase in diet-related conditions … Continue reading Helping to manage chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes

In this illustrative scenario, we explore how the DietSensor App, used in conjunction with the optional spectroscopic sensor, allows easier measurement and calculation of the total carbohydrates in a meal (and also helps encourage healthy eating habits) for Margaret, a type 1 Diabetic. Margaret has type 1 diabetes. To effectively manage her condition, she needs … Continue reading DietSensor User Illustrative Scenario: Type 1 Diabetic