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Diabetes: Everyone Is At Risk, Even Celebrities

As we all may know, money does not buy health.  Diabetes, like other chronic diseases, does not discriminate based on gender, wealth or popularity.  If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, wallowing in self-pity will not be of any help.  Instead of being overwhelmed by negative thoughts, try to see things differently and establish a diabetes diet plan that can help you manage the disease’s conditions.

Several celebrities who suffer from Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes have used their popularity to educate and raise awareness of the disease.  Others have tried their very best to hide their disease from the world.  Knowing which celebrity suffers from diabetes may help to keep things in perspective, as you manage your own health conditions and complications.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

In 2013, Tom Hank’s sudden drastic weight loss became apparent. The 59-year-old Oscar-winning actor announced to the world that he had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  He had been dealing with high blood sugar since he was 36.

Tom only blamed himself.  In an interview, he said that when he was younger, he had bad eating habits and did not pay attention to his health.  “I am from the generation of Americans who have spent their younger years partying. I was overweight”.  When he was diagnosed in 2013, he had been struggling with high blood sugar for many years.  Today, even though the disease is not always manageable, he has said “It’s controllable”.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Halle Berry went into a diabetic coma in 1989 while taping the television series ‘Living Dolls’.  She was later diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  People with this type of diabetes are dependent on daily insulin injections.  The actress has said that her health condition has never stopped her from living her dreams. Instead of being overwhelmed by negative thoughts, she has persevered with a positive attitude.  Now, she uses her popularity to raise awareness about the importance of prevention.


Nick Jonas

Nick JonasThis young singer, who is adored by teenagers around the world, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2007. He had symptoms that included sudden weight loss and excessive thirst.  While normal blood sugar levels range from 70 to 120, Nick’s blood sugar was over 700 when he was first diagnosed.  Since 2007, Nick has learned how to manage his condition and be a role model to his young fans.

Numbers and statistics do not lie.  According to a recent study, more than 285 million people have diabetes around the world and the number of those diagnosed is constantly increasing.  By 2030, it is expected 439 million will be diagnosed with diabetes.  The World Health Organization has reported diabetes causes more than 3 million deaths annually.

Even with these sobering statistics, diabetes is still preventable.  Controlling sugar intake and avoiding junk foods are two good ways to prevent the disease.  Those suffering from borderline diabetes can improve their conditions with a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

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Remember that sacrifices and hard work are worth the health benefits!

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