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Diabetes Meal Planning: Advanced Carb Counting – is it for all?

If you’re currently using carb counting as a meal-planning method, you’ve probably learned that a little bit of skill is involved. In theory, it seems easy. In reality, it can be tricky. Nevertheless, with practice and perseverance, carb counting is a meal-planning approach that works well.

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With DietSensor, advanced carb counting will be made available for each Type 1 or Type 2 with fast-acting insulin and ready to learn. You need to talk with your dietitian or doctor before, but if you go for it, this form of meal planning offers flexibility and freedom from restrictions. Automatic counting will lessen the amount of effort needed to master it but remember, you are the one in the driver’s seat and you can’t rely on the machine only.

Hello, and welcome to our very first blog entry. We’re so glad you’re here.

Now that we’ve got your attention, allow us to share some of our story with you. Behind DietSensor, there most certainly is a backstory, and this one begins with a little girl named Victoria.Like most 9-year-olds, Victoria bursts with imagination. She’s a doodler, a mischief-maker, a daydreamer. To meet her, you wouldn’t think she has a care in the world.

But Victoria has a bit more going on than most children her age. Two years ago, Victoria was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The very next morning, the counting began. That’s right, counting carbs at age 9.

Victoria needs to measure how many carbohydrates she ingests at each and every meal, and she will do this for the rest of her life. Snacks on the run? Done. Surprise treats handed out at school? A thing of the past.

Counting, Counting, Counting
You’ve likely figured out that this is not just any little girl we’re talking about here. Victoria is our girl. We are involved in the whole counting process, of course, but we cannot be with our daughter all day, every day – she’s got to be active and circulate! And so…she counts. She has learned to read nutritional labels on all packaging. She estimates portions; she keeps a logbook. Even with a smartphone app dedicated to manual counting, this endless task is stressful, inexact, and downright tedious for all of us.

The stakes are high – poor measurement of carbs for someone like our daughter can lead to short-term severe hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia…even a coma.

A better way?
As you can imagine, after the diagnosis, we ended up talking about measuring food intake the way other families discuss sports or movies. As normal as these conversations became for us, we began to realize that the field of nutrition tracking had a lot of room for improvement. We started to hash out ideas – not only for Victoria – but for the millions of other people who need to measure or balance their diet because they are overweight or diagnosed with chronic, nutrition-related diseases.

Because we were living the problem, we knew exactly what was needed – a tool that can tell how much one eats and what the composition of that food is. In seeking the technology to do this, we had the great fortune of crossing paths with ConsumerPhysics.

The SCiO, developed by ConsumerPhysics, was the perfect tool. It’s light, easily carried, and it “reads” the content of foods. It was a match – our vision was becoming a reality. We could actually enable people to effortlessly – and very precisely – determine the composition of their meals.

We got to work right away, starting by designing a sleek, easy, streamlined user experience and developing a food and beverage database able to recognize any homogeneous food and give an accurate breakdown of its macronutrients. Thus, the birth of DietSensor.

The Future
It is our aim to set the bar for the new generation of nutrition tracking tools. We want to empower people – be it for chronic disease or weight management – to gain balance and control over daily food intake.

Thank you for stopping by our blog. Please contact us if you’d like to know more about our product, or if you have comments, suggestions, or your own experiences to share with us. We hope you will pass our link along to people you know and love that could benefit from the reassurance DietSensor provides.

“When we first designed SCiO, we envisioned building a device to explore the makeup of things around us.”

“When we first designed SCiO, we envisioned building a device to explore the makeup of things around us. We also knew that we could multiply its reach with an open community of developers, to imagine and expand into a wide variety of use cases. Since the beginning, we have been truly amazed by what our developers have created using SCiO’s technology.

With DietSensor, we are thrilled to see them racing forward – becoming our most advanced development partner in the field of food and nutrition. The DietSensor team has envisioned something really significant and useful for so many of us. The team at Consumer Physics is watching DietSensor build upon SCiO’s technical capabilities to contribute a practical solution to the worldwide epidemic of obesity and nutrition related diseases – it is the realization of our vision. 

DietSensor will not only make food tracking easy and instantaneous, but more importantly, they will bring useful information, insight, and advice to empower those who really need it – such as those with chronic diseases that must balance their diets carefully. Projects like DietSensor give even more meaning to our mission!”
Dror Sharon, CEO of Consumer Physics

“It is a complex challenge to balance a diet and meet predefined goals…”

“It is a complex challenge to balance a diet and meet predefined goals, in order to better manage our health. DietSensor brings a unique solution enabling its users to control each step of their meals, combining meal components management, real time appropriate guidance, and a constant search for a better balanced diet.”
Marc Salomon, specialized physician in cardiovascular diseases and preventive medicine

“We at Astek are lucky to have actively collaborated with the DietSensor project since its early days…”

“We at Astek are lucky to have actively collaborated with the DietSensor project since its early days on the mobile app development and its integration with SCiO, a revolutionary technical achievement in the field of spectroscopy. This project is one of our most ambitious and exciting assignments. Resolutely innovative, it will contribute to solving the major worldwide problem of weight and nutrition-related diseases. We are very confident of DietSensor’s success.”
Anne, Astek

“I am project manager and technical lead on the DietSensor project.”

“I am project manager and technical lead on the DietSensor project. From the beginning, I liked the passion of DietSensor’s founder, Remy, and that’s what motivates me and my team to give the best of ourselves. The app is very innovative, we have had the opportunity to integrate SCiO, which is at the forefront of technology. The app is also very intuitive and easy to use, and we hope it will allow millions of people to have a better monitoring of their diet in a few clicks.”
Michael, Project manager