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Augmenting wellness and fitness

In this illustrative scenario, we explore how the DietSensor App helps users focused on wellness and fitness to keep to their regime and plan family meals.

Sandra had always been interested in fitness and effectively keeping in shape. At school and in college years, she was very active in various sports, such as field hockey, the swim team and track team. Since then, as she embarked on her career, become a mother and started to raise a family, she remained active, taking part in fitness and exercise programs. These days, Sandra loves to swim, take yoga classes with some of her girlfriends, go running and, along with her partner Julia and three children, aged 11, 13 and 16, goes cycling when time allows.

Like many of us, as Sandra reached her mid-thirties, her metabolism started to slow down. She recognized that fitness must be combined with healthy and measured eating in order to be really effective. Of course, this sounds like common sense, but when we are younger we can get away with a lot more as we tend to burn energy at a faster rate. As we age, we need to be more clinical about what we eat and how that affects us. We have to work harder to maintain our condition.
Sandra and Julia both work full-time jobs and, with three children in school, have very busy schedules outside of work. However, one thing that remains constant in the family is a focus on eating well and eating regularly. Rarely does the family eat fast food and family mealtime is one of the most important traditions that Sandra and her family keep. As a parent, Sandra is keen to educate her children in terms of food and making positive choices, and she also like to know what is in the food that her family is eating at home.

Sandra and Julia both use the DietSensor smartphone App to plan and monitor their individual nutritional activity and also to plan meals for the family. They purchased the add-on SCiO sensor, which enables them to scan ‘homogenous’ foods, for example, meat, fruit, bread, milk etc., and generate chemical and nutritional data, which is fed directly into the App and translated into meaningful information, and Dietsensor’s optional Bluetooth digital scale, which also connects to the App and allows them to weigh food, giving greater portion control in terms of importing data directly and making calculating the exact number of nutrients required to stay on track for the day really easy and convenient. The App combines the data from the scale and sensor to tell Sandra exactly what is on her plate in terms of nutrients. She can add other food information using the App’s resident food database, which has pretty much everything that we eat in there, or she can add data by scanning product barcodes. One aspect of the DietSensor App that is really convenient for Sandra is adding favorite foods or commonly eaten foods to her profile in the App, which makes logging meals really easy. After all, we are creatures of habit…

What DietSensor gives Sandra and Julia is complete nutritional visibility and control over everything that they eat or drink. They can find out what is in the food they want to eat before they eat it and can keep track of what they have eaten. They can take advantage of the ‘next meal’ recommendations that the App offers. All of which are amazingly helpful in terms of diet management. Linking the DietSensor App to the sensor and scale provides additional features that are invaluable when planning meals for the family.

A big part of wellness is activity and exercise. The final piece of the fitness and nutrition puzzle is the fact that the DietSensor App seamlessly interfaces with Sandra and Julia’s Garmin VivoSmart fitness trackers. In fact, it’s compatible with devices from around 20 of the top manufacturers (Healthkit, Google Fit, Adidas, Daily Mile, Fitbit, Garmin, iHealth, Jawbone, UP Life Fitness, Microsoft, Misfit, Moves, Runkeeper, Sony, Strava, Suunto, VitaDock, and Withings), so means less fiddling around manually importing data. It’s just convenient, which is key for those of us who balances work, home and family.