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4 tips to get back on track after the holidays

The holiday season is over and getting back on track might be tough for many of us. After the excesses of the holidays, our body needs to revitalize itself and regain its vitality.  Of importance in doing so is ridding your body of any accumulated toxins.

Below are tips to get you back on track and healthy for the new year:

Stay Hydrated

It is essential to keep the body hydrated after an excess consumption of food. Water is an essential element to purify the body and rid it of toxins. With proper hydration, the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin release toxic waste into the blood and body fluids. To maximize the detox effect, add lemon juice to a cup of lukewarm water, preferably on an empty stomach. You can also try green tea which can be an effective solution for bloating and digestive disorders.

Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

It is not necessary to deprive yourself of food after the holiday season to get back on track. The most important thing is to return to good eating habits. To revitalize your body, foods rich in vitamins and fiber are highly recommended.

Find a Regular Sleep Cycle

Sleep is essential to revitalize the body. Whether after the holidays or an intense activity, the body needs rest to relax and regain its vitality.

Get Back to Sports!

Use regular physical activity to help shed those unwanted pounds and get back into shape.  Start simple with exercises such as walking or cycling for at least 30 minutes a day. You can gradually increase your distance and pace.

Making small changes can help you to get back on track after the holidays – to start the new year happy and healthy!